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Russia may receive another package of sanctions

At the three-day meeting in Karuidzava Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States its leading diplomats demanded the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territories.

As they put it, they oppose Moscow’s evasion of sanctions and warn outside supporters of Russia’s war effort. Iran has been specifically called on to stop supporting the Russian military, among other things, the sale of kamikaze drones to Moscow.

The foreign ministers they consider it “unacceptable” that Russia is threatening to install nuclear weapons in Belarus. At the same time, they called on world leaders and young people to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which were victims of atomic attacks in the Second World War, and also agreed to create a world without nuclear weapons as the ultimate goal.

According to the statement, Taiwan’s peace is an “indispensable element” of global security. Its signatories oppose any unilateral action aimed at changing the current status quo “by force or coercion”.

They repeatedly called on China to “behave as a responsible member of the international community”and expressed their willingness to work together and build constructive and stable relationships through dialogue. The Seven want more transparency about China’s nuclear capability from Beijing.

Beijing immediately reacted to the G7 statement, calling the relevant parts of it interference in the country’s internal affairs and malicious slander of China.

In response to a question, the foreign affairs spokesperson stated that the document is “full of arrogance and prejudice against China”, and that the host government in Tokyo has already taken a strong diplomatic step in the matter.

The G7 foreign ministers a the opposing parties in the Sudanese crisis were called upon to immediately lay down their arms and start dialogue.

Furthermore, in their statement North Korea’s weapons tests were condemned.

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