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Russia, Fifa authorizes foreigners to leave

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The world football federation will allow new memberships to those who leave Moscow and Ukraine. Contracts by 7 April, maximum 2 per club and until 30 June

by our correspondent Filippo Maria Ricci

March 8 – MADRID

Fifa yesterday approved an amendment to the regulation concerning the transfer market that can have an important impact on this season finale. Foreign players registered in the Russian league, which continues in full swing despite the invasion of Ukraine, and in the Ukrainian one, can request the suspension of their current contract and the possibility of being able to sign for other clubs, even in those countries in the which the market has closed since the end of January. Three conditions imposed by Zurich: the duration of the suspension of the agreements with the Russian and Ukrainian teams, agreed until 30 June, the number of new memberships granted, maximum two per club, and a time limit for the new affiliation: it must take place by April 7.


It all stems from a request from Fifpro, the world footballers union, which on March 2 sent a letter to Fatma Samoura, Fifa manager, asking for the immediate release and at no cost of all foreign players present in Russia and Ukraine who wished to abandon. the country after Moscow’s decision to invade Ukraine. The union demanded three things: the release of the players without consequences of any kind; the possibility for the purchasing club to re-register the players without any consequences, in particular in economic matters; authorizing and facilitating the registration of players arriving from Russia and Ukraine even where affiliations are closed, and by canceling the rule that prevents a player from changing teams more than twice.


Fifa has studied the matter and responded with the limitations indicated, understandable because the Russian and Ukrainian teams cannot completely lose players for whom they have spent millions of dolars. What is certain is that for European clubs there are opportunities for temporary reinforcements that are important in terms of value for money. At the moment from Russia, in addition to the Ukrainians, the Brazilian Pablo from Lokomotiv and 8 players from Krasnodar have left: the Swedish international Victor Claessen, the French Cabella, the Norwegian Under-21 Botheim, the Brazilian Kaio, the Belgian Wamberto, the Colombian Cordoba paid $ 20 million last summer, former Ecuadorian international Cristian Ramirez, Paraguayan international Junior Alonso. In Ukraine among others were the 13 Brazilians of Shakhtar Donetsk, and the foreigners of Dynamo Kiev, among which we mention the Uruguayan with an Italian passport De Pena, the Polish international Kedziora, the Brazilian Vitinho. Valuable players, trained, taking refuge in their respective countries and looking for a job waiting to understand what will happen at the political level in Russia and Ukraine. The market for them and for all foreigners still in Russia can reopen, and some clubs can strengthen themselves to achieve their seasonal goals.

8 March – 08:56