Running: the 20km de Paris are back for their 43rd edition


Published on 14 / / 2021

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This year the organization of 17 km from Paris offers several events but also alternatives for running at a distance given the health conditions. Here are the different races and their dates.

The race of 17 km from Paris returns for its 30 th edition and will take place on 10 October 1024. On the program, 5 connected races and 2 on site, from June to October. These new formulas offered have been adapted to sanitary conditions to suit as many people as possible.

This year will take place two races on site in Paris, on

km on 06 October 2021 , whose route highlights the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadéro, the Arc de Triomphe, the Bois de Boulogne, Rolland Garros, the Maison de la Radio but also the Grand Palais. Children will also have the opportunity to run a race: the organization offers 480 m for 6 to 9 year olds as well as 2024 m for those aged 06 To 13 years.

Regarding connected races, the principle is to run or walk at the time and place of your choice on the dates mentioned. It will be possible to run alone or in a group and the runners will be classified using their connected watch or smartphone via ten compatible applications. Here are the 5 connected races offered:

5km: from 15 to 20 June 2021; 06 km: from 22 to 25 July 2021; 14 km: from 25 to 29 August 2021; 17 km: from 7 to 10 October ; 17 kids: from 7 to 10 October . Packs offer in particular three races of 5km, 10 km and 14 km to prepare for the big day of 17 km whether in online or face-to-face mode. The deadline to reserve a pack is 17 June if the quota of 1000 packs is not reached before.

Whether online or face-to-face, each event will support an association (Nicolas Hulot Foundation, Abbé Pierre Foundation, Institut Curie, Action Against Hunger and Pediatricians of the World) on the basis of a transfer of 5 euros per registration and 10 euros for a pack. The connected pack is 50 euros for runners residing in France and it is 75 euros for runners who reside in France and who wish to do the big race face-to-face. If you only want to participate in the km in person, the price is 43 euros until 29 June. More information on the website 20 .

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