Ruggable Bathroom Rug: Keep Colors Minimal and Neutral

Ruggable Bathroom Rug

Stylist: Kim from @xomyhome

Rug: Vintage Heriz Ruby Rug in 2.5’x7′

Bathroom Styling Tips: “Choose a light and airy color palette and layer in texture by rolling a few towels and placing it in a pretty basket. This makes the space feel more relaxing. Add a bath caddy over the bathtub and style it with some faux flowers or greenery and a candle. An indoor plant (either floor or hanging) has a lot of benefits. It will make your bathroom feel fresh, purify the air, boost our mood, and reduce stress.”

Why she loves this rug: “I chose that rug for our bathroom as I wanted to add a pop of color to our neutral bathroom while maintaining a peaceful and calming vibe to the space. The purple and blue in the rug are typically known as calming colors.”