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Rossoneri willing to renew but under certain conditions

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s future could still be at Milan. The Rossoneri club will discuss the renewal of the Swede shortly but only under certain specific conditions established by the club.

The 2022 of Milan is reserving endless surprises for the Rossoneri. The last victory against Napoli which followed the triumph of the team of Pegs in the return derby against Inter, he strengthened the lead in the standings of the devil who now dreams of the Scudetto with 10 days to go. The Milan coach will need everyone to try to continue this path, hoping that Inter may stumble in recovery against Bologna which, in the event of a Nerazzurri victory, could give back the top of the standings to Simone Inzaghi’s team.

In Naples, the Rossoneri showed themselves compact, fearless and with a little more security. Confidence that was strengthened above all thanks to the presence on the pitch of an experienced player like Giroud. Player of great charisma who is best replacing the one who at the beginning of the season was considered the immovable owner of this team: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swede remained in the pits for some time due to a problem with the Achilles tendon. In fact, he met again on the pitch at the ‘Maradona’ 43 days after that stop against Juve that had forced him to forfeit. Pioli relies heavily on him for the season finale.

Empoli, Cagliari, Bologna, Turin and Genoa these are the next 5 matches that the Rossoneri will play and which on paper are well within reach of Pioli’s team. Here Ibra could raise very well and then get to the last 5 from the end against Lazio, Fiorentina, Verona, Atalanta and Sassuolo, certainly more complicated, with a player completely recovered and eager to reach the Scudetto that has always been his first goal. Milan waited for him and he wanted the Rossoneri. Their relationship, however, could also be renewed for another season but only under certain conditions established by the company.

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The current 7 million net per season that the Swede receives and which in the budget are just over 9 gross, still represent a huge weight for Milan. That’s why Maldini and Massara, for a player who is 40, could soon offer an annual renewal with a base of 2.5 / 3 million net and with bonus targets. More or less the same amount that Giroud, Rebic and Florenzi currently perceive in the team. If he were to accept, Pioli will be able to guarantee Ibra also for next year. In the next few days, according to what Corriere dello Sport writes today, an on-site meeting is scheduled.