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Roccat Magma Mini review: compact gaming keyboard at an affordable price

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At first sight

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Reasonable price for a 60% layout Attractive RGB lighting Splash-proof according to IP33


Rubber dome technology is not considered particularly durable Size larger than necessary Customization options take some getting used to Software is somewhat confusing

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Available for around $50 online, the Roccat Magma Mini offers an affordable entry into the world of 60% keyboards, with an eye-catching RGB look. The rubber dome technology provides a pleasant key feel, although more ambitious gamers may miss the precision and feedback of mechanical switches.

Despite small criticisms, such as the sub-optimal software and the slightly larger footprint, the Magma Mini offers good value for money overall. It’s an option worth considering for those who want to try out the keyboard’s compact form factor without spending a fortune.

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With its compact design and attractive price, the Roccat Magma Mini promises to be an attractive option for gamers who want to take up less space on their desk. But it can live up to the high bar set by the G.Skill KM250that reviewer Michael Crider called the “gold standard for business”?

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Roccat Magma Mini design

The Roccat Magma Mini looks like the little brother of the Roccat Magma introduced in 2021. The design is similar, with the same keycaps and eye-catching RGB top plate. Despite the reduction in key layout, Roccat has added some new features, including an IP33 rating that protects the keyboard from splashing water. However, with dimensions of 12.12 x 5.20 x 1.44 inches (L x W x H), it is relatively large for a 60% card.

origin 1When it comes to RGB lighting, the Roccat Magma Mini doesn’t disappoint.

Friedrich Stiemer

How is the RGB of the Roccat Magma Mini?

The Roccat Magma Mini has 61 RGB top plate-mounted buttons, which in turn are illuminated by 10 LEDs. These LEDs allow for five different color zones that respond to key presses by default, but can also be customized via software.

The Roccat Magma Mini’s hotkeys take some getting used to, especially to access secondary functions. For those using a standard keyboard, these combinations may initially be counterintuitive and confusing. For example, to activate arrow key mode you need to hold down the function key and press the left shift key. Such combinations are not always self-explanatory and can interrupt your workflow until you get used to them.

It would have been nice if Roccat had provided clearer labeling or easier integration of these features to ease the transition for new users.

origin 1The additional functions can only be activated via double assignment, which takes some getting used to.

Friedrich Stiemer

Rubber dome instead of mechanical switches

The Roccat Magma Mini is based on rubber dome technology, a proven method that offers a soft and quiet feel. This feel may be comfortable for some gamers, especially those who prefer longer gaming sessions, as the rubber domes dampen key pressure and can prevent fatigue.

Compare that to mechanical switches, which are often praised for their accuracy and consistent response. They offer direct feedback that many players appreciate, especially in fast-paced games where every millisecond counts.

origin 1At a price point of around $50, the rubber domes are no surprise.

Friedrich Stiemer

Another notable difference is durability. While rubber dome keyboards tend to lose consistency over time, mechanical switches often withstand millions of keystrokes without losing quality.

Best value gaming keyboard

G.Skill KM250 RGB keyboard

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$39.99 on Amazon

As for the Roccat Magma Mini, this means: While it offers a comfortable key feel for longer gaming sessions thanks to its rubber dome technology, hardcore gamers looking for maximum precision and longevity should consider other options.

How does the Roccat Magma Mini perform?

In practice, the Roccat Magma Mini proves to have much more to offer than just external appearance. The keys feel even better than the larger Magma model. The rubber-domed keys offer a noticeable springy feel, which may, however, diminish over time.

origin 1The Roccat Magma Mini can also be adjusted in height in one step.

Friedrich Stiemer

The Roccat Magma Mini’s Swarm software, however, leaves a lot to be desired in terms of ease of use. Its user interface looks outdated and is not intuitively designed for newcomers. Important customization options are often hard to find or unclearly labeled. Additionally, special key combinations and modes, such as Game Mode and Easy Shift, can cause confusion without clear instructions in the software. It’s a shame that despite the keyboard’s potential, the software can’t keep up.

While the Roccat Magna Mini still offers a lot for its price, it’s hard to recommend G.Skill KM250which has even better value and fewer defects.

This article was translated from German into English and originally appeared on pcwelt.de.