Roblox Promo Codes List 2021

Roblox Promo Codes List 2021 For Robux, io, Wiki

In this article i talk about how to get free robux codes in 2021 and how you get free robux in june 2021. If you want to see more free robux promo code articles make sure to like and subscribe and i will post more robux promo codes article for free.

Roblox Promo Codes List 2021 For Robux

Build It, Play It Codes (the Island of Move)

  • DIY – Reward: Kinetic Staff.
  • SettingTheStage – Reward: Build it Backpack.
  • StrikeAPose – Reward: Hustle Hat.
  • GetMoving – Reward: Speedy Shades.
  • VictoryLap – Reward: Cardio Cans.

What are some Robux promo codes?

Roblox Promo Codes (Working June 2021)

  1. WALMARTMEXEARS2021 – Steel Rabbit Ears.
  2. ROBLOXEDU2021 – Dev Deck.
  3. SPIDERCOLA – Spider Cola.
  4. TWEETROBLOX – The Bird Says.
  5. WorldAlive – Crystalline Companion (must be redeemed in Island of Move)
  6. DIY – Kinetic Staff (must be redeemed in Island of Move)


Time to log in and would you guys really believe it?

robots have been added to the guys in our account to spend on whatever it is that

want in the roblox catalog for most people this is what their

The Roblox account looks like it, but what if I told them that they can

win 10000 robux in my weekly competition

all they have to do to enter is subscribe to the channel with the post

notifications in leave your username below in the

comments and it’s as simple as I’ll pick five lucky winners

every week for this, so good luck guys and look around

video to the end me as it goes ladies and gentlemen

boys and girls and welcome to another roblox promo code video we have

here today at the channel boys, but as before, we started today.

video guys, be sure to subscribe to the channel with post notifications on

and you will enter directly into my raffle of 10000 robots that I organize

every week without fail I will do more of that too

guys, so I want to give you back and I honestly think you guys are

amazing and I love the support they are showing but be sure to see

this video all the way through the guys so you can follow all the steps on how to

having said that, guys, let’s go straight to the video so that

i can see right now I’m on my profile guys, give me a little follow up

it shakes 24k and if we look here, I have 541 rows of books, we want more

All right, guys, I’m gonna go like that’s not much, so you’re gonna do it.

i want f11 in the URL replace home with promo codes

It’s as simple as that that will get you to redeem

robot promotions, which is the page where you write the promo code

and what you guys want to write here is April

april easter row books guess both easter easter easter april

easter robot guys, so make sure you have that like this guys

all in capital letters and when you tap redeem, it will say invalid promo code

but don’t worry, guys, it’s all part of the process.

press redeem invalid promo code as such once you have done that guys

it’s as simple as this, you want to move on to the gift card

here’s fine, gift cards and take you to

this page you want to search this redeemed is now beautiful

It’s hard to miss guys, it’s the big green button with redeem now you want

click on that and it will take you to the swap robots

select the card you want to type in the pin code exactly

exactly the same robux from Easter April

like Easter april roblox understand that I will give you a few seconds to

get it, you can pause the video you want to play

redeem you can ask for verification only

so it’s totally normal boom boom well 3.9 seconds not bad

well, once you’ve done it, it will say invalid PIN

well, you want to go to your box

row here and click buy roblox and then

upload to the final step, the redeem credit page at this end to

pin to guys who want to write exactly the same code we’ve been writing all

april videos easter road books get that in April easter road books only

so, all caps, guys, so and if you’ve done this

correctly guys, you will say that zero dollars is your correct roblox credit

here and minus 99 as in equilibrium down here

so if you’ve done that, that’s what I should say when you press redeem, I could

request another verification, such as asking us for a verification on the gift

card area, but it may not when you hit

redeem, it should say that the invalid PIN format can request a verification and not

go to the check like I said guys, this is

totally normal. Don’t worry if he asks you about these guys.

that’s just the way roblox verifies that you’re not a robot you know

There are many hackers and all that in this game and you need

make sure they are real people you know, so do this right there

13.6 seconds pretty slow, I was just trying to concentrate well

invalid pin absolutely fine, so keep in mind guys, I have 541 robux right now

let’s go to f11 let’s update the page here guys

and hopefully, if we’ve done all this correctly, I should charge the robux.

directly in our account guys, so refresh the page

And would you really believe it, guys, robots have been added to our

account guys to spend on whatever we want in the roblox catalog

but guys, thanks so much for watching today’s video, I hope you’ve

i learned something new and as always guys, I hope you’ve had a

easter bright as yesterday easter

recording time, so I hope you had a great Easter, you know, and stay safe, guys.

remember, stay inside, do your part, boys, if you’re locked in.

and do it anyway, you need to stay safe, guys, but anyway click one of

these videos on the screen right now you want to watch

next my name has been jacob you have been amazing

and I’ll see you at the next guys in peace