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Robert Fico’s party would introduce border controls between Hungary and Slovakia

Smer demands that

the government should introduce temporary controls on the border between Slovakia and Hungary,

and in order to prevent the entry of persons who have committed illegal border crossings, provide sufficient forces and means by involving the appropriate organizational units of the police and the armed forces.

Robert Fico his opposition party already initiated an extraordinary meeting on the matter last week, but then the parliament did not have a quorum. Now, with the support of some representatives without factions, the motion was passed.

Smer criticizes him for that Lajos Ódor expert government because, in his opinion, it does not handle the issue of illegal migration properly.

in Slovakia Parliamentary elections will be held on September 30the currently most likely party to win is Robert Fico’s Smer.

Cover image source: Michaela Nagyidaiova/Bloomberg via Getty Images