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Road repairs will begin on the M0 and M31, diversions will be in place

According to their announcement sent to MTI on Thursday in addition to moving herding, concrete joint pouring works are carried out.

The works will last until the end of June on the M0 motorway on the weekends from March 18, on weekdays from April on the M31 motorway, scheduled according to the current weather, at changing locations – they wrote.

On the side of the M0 highway starting from the M1 highway, the work will cover the sections between kilometer sections 10 and 17 (the section between Nagytéteny-Szigetszentmiklós) and 44 and 50 (Maglód, Ecser area), while on the M31 motorway, on the side leading to the M3 motorway, it affects the section between sections 8 and 13 (from the M3 motorway junction to the main road junction 3).

It was announced: the beginning of the moving work areas is always warned by work warning signs and speed limit signs, as well as signs with changeable signage. In order to avoid the risk of accidents, the company asks everyone to drive carefully, in accordance with posted signs and speed limits.

About the current daily work and traffic situation a you can find information on the website – they wrote.

Cover image: Getty Images