Rihanna's most famous highlighter arrives in liquid format to illuminate (more if possible) our makeup -!

If I asked the addicted beauty what is Killawatt sure that all of you would know what I am talking about. It is the already mythical illuminator that Rihanna launched at the dawn of her Fenty Beauty brand. In fact, it is that it was one of the very first that saw the light and that now they have decided to reformulate. Well yes, the illuminator with which the one from Barbados changed the rules of the game now arrives in liquid format, in fact called Liquid Killawatt (a lot was not complicated, things as they are). It is a smooth and superfine fluid product that leaves a layer of shine and luminosity without effort, being resistant to transfer. It is formulated with extract of sage sclarea and microfine pearls coated for a dewy effect and luminosity, being a non-greasy formula that glides on the skin and dries quickly without altering the makeup. It’s available in 5 flattering shades for all skin tones to shine wherever and whenever. So we can intuit from the images that have been posted on their social media profiles and others, we are facing an illuminator loaded with bright particles (as was already the powder version) that by applying a small amount in strategic points such as the upper area of ​​the cheekbones, the arch of the eyebrow, the arch of cupid or the arch of the nose, we manage to enhance the light of the face. The truth is that it does not look bad and I have to admit that lately liquid products call me much more attention than powder products since they dry out my skin less, mark less textures and look more natural, so it will make me be very aware. Its price is 26, 99 euros and is for sale at Sephora. Liquid Killawatt Liquid Highlighter FENTY BEAUTY Note: some of the links published here are from affiliates. Despite this, none of the articles mentioned have been proposed by either the brands or the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the team of editors. Photos | @fentybeauty