Ribera announces a new 3,300 MW renewable energy auction

The Government will announce tomorrow a new call to auction another 3. 300 megawatts of renewable energy, as announced by the Third Vice President of the Government and Minister of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera.

???????? @ Teresaribera announces a new auction call for renewables for 3. 300 megawatts (MW), with accelerated execution times for lower the electricity bill as soon as possible

The bid, focused on wind and photovoltaic, will have a special quota for small installations pic.twitter.com/IqPjfL8pR8

?? Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (@mitecogob) August 16, 2021 Ribera recalled that The new auction is added to the one held last 26 on January 3. 000 megawatts (MW) and that it was the first from renewables since July 2017. The demand stood at “more than 9. 000” of MW “in a price range between 18 and 29 euros, with an average price of 25 euros megawatts ” .

As a novelty, it will include “ultra-fast” installation quotas and others for small installations with the intention of responding to what has been learned in these months of maximum quotes on the energy bill.

The objective is to continue auctioning renewable energies, to continue facilitating the transformation of the electrical system in an orderly manner “, he said during a visit to Menorca.

” On this occasion , we want to get a significant percentage of renewable wind energy, another percentage dedicated to photovoltaics, but with two peculiarities that are the result of learning from the requests of these months, “said Ribera.

Specifically , has highlighted that there will be an ultra-fast quota of 600 MW to be able to attribute power and, therefore, a specific regime that favors integration quickly benefiting all consumers , and small quotas for those offers of small facilities that claimed to have a specific quota and not compete with large facilities.

“We believe that this is important news that obviously still has a very significant processing ahead , but that will help us to continue working and n the field of energy transition “, he concluded.

At the end of last January the first renewable auction was held under the new model designed by the current Government, in which they were awarded 3. 043 MW, after a demand that was three times higher than the MW put into play, and with a weighted average price of 24, 47 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) for photovoltaics and 25, 31 euros per MWh for wind power.

The auction reached a minimum award price of 14, 89 euros per MWh , in the case of photovoltaics, and 20 euros per MWh, for wind power. In the case of the maximum prices, they were 28, 9 euros per MWh for solar and 28, 89 euros per MWh for wind power.

In total, the auction was attended by a total of 84 agents who bid for 9. 700 MW, thus exceeding the auctioned power by more than three times.


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