Returns Policy on Amazon

Returns Policy on Amazon

All FBM vendors need to know is that they have to run the process there themselves. So, in order for all these to give a result, support at Amazon explains to the seller how it is currently progressing from the support section and proceeds between the FBM vendor and the customer in all processes. Now in turn, if you are an FBA seller and request a refund, Amazon will assist you during the return process. The customer ships the returned item to the Amazon warehouse, set the item price and tax on their Amazon seller account, within 45 days of the return, Amazon pays the buyer. Amazon worlds apply for 30 days to return the product they received.

How Can the Returned Products Be Sold?

You should not overlook using Amazon return terms. We will clarify this issue under another title. Can products returned by customers be resold, let’s talk about this now.

  • If the product is damaged after return, it cannot be sold. Selling the damaged product is already a risk for the seller. If you are an FBA seller, you can find out the cause of the damage by visiting Amazon, and Amazon will pay you the price of the product if it occurs in any process with the damaged Amazon.
  • The buyer may not like the product and a refund may be requested. In such transactions, if there is no pre-sale obstacle for a product, the Amazon FBA seller can prepare to resell the product. The problems of the products such as obstacles to the sale of the product, deformation in the packaging, if any, broken, missing parts and problems will be problematic.
  • Quality control is indispensable for product sales. If there is a quality problem in the sale of Amazon, the product we will evaluate will be made without quality control before putting the product on sale.

Amazon Returns Tracking Process

  1. Click for the quality problem with our company supplying the product.
  2. There is a product schedule that has been decided not to be resold by Amazon, here we request its destruction. This tip lets you look for remedies to get rid of inventory cost.
  3. There is a reason for the return requests of your product. Customer feedback helps you to see the deficiencies in your product. In this way, you can see the aspects of your product that cause the return and improve it.

Don’t forget to calculate your profit / loss ratio. If the number of customers requesting Amazon refund requests overwhelms the percentage of those who do not, you should examine the option to withdraw your sales. Otherwise, this size will cost both time and money, considering that it will have an additional cost to return it.