According to a new study, YouTube is the most popular platform among social media networks.

In United States, 51 percent of respondents in a new survey conducted with 1,000 participants from 61 cities between the ages of 16-35 said that the most entertaining video content on YouTube. Instagram, Twitch, Tiktok and Twitter follow YouTube respectively.

The majority of researchers, both men and women, agree that the most entertaining platform is YouTube. When asked what is the second most fun platform after YouTube, the preferences differ. 35 percent of women prefer Instagram, while 25 percent of men prefer Twitch.

Directed to the participants, “You have the right to use a single platform for the rest of your life. What would this be? ” YouTube stands out with a rate of 40 percent in the answers to the question. Looking at the gender breakdown, the first choice of men is YouTube with 48 percent, while Twitch comes second with 19 percent. In the first two preferences of women, Instagram got 44 percent of the votes, leaving behind the preferred 31 percent YouTube.

According to the research, which also measures social media usage behavior, 66 percent of those who spend time on the most preferred platforms are only viewers. 13 percent of the participants state that they are thinking of sharing, and 25 percent of them express that they post occasionally.

The information that only 20 of 1000 people participating in the research regularly produce and share content is among the remarkable data.