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Reneé Rapp reveals she wasn’t ‘authentically me at 18 as I am now at 22’

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Although Renee Rapp starred in Bad Girls on Broadway and it’s time part of the hit show The sex lives of college girls on HBO Max, she was ready to dive into something else: making music.

“I said it [music] it’s my whole life thing, without actually doing it,” said the star, 22 PEOPLE. “I was like, ‘That’s it.’ I’ve professed that I want to do it, I want to do shows, I want to make it, but it wasn’t until about a week ago that I knew I could actually do it.”

After talking about it for a long time, the blonde released her EP All to All in November and received rave reviews.

“I definitely feel tingling, but it feels more like a relief,” she noted. “I definitely felt like there was a certain expectation, but I’m grateful. I think I wanted to.”

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The TV star is also happy that fans can now learn from her life lessons over the years.

“I wasn’t as authentically me at 18 as I am now at 22, and I think those jobs definitely prepared me for a lot,” she said. “Now I have expectations, which has been great, because now, going into my music career, I know so much more about myself, because I’ve been through some shit.”

However, the Broadway alum knows all too well that being in the spotlight has its ups and downs.

“It’s a little intimidating because so much of my life up to this point has been very public, and so sometimes when I talk about these things, it’s like, ‘Oh, Jesus Christ, you guys know every detail of everything. ‘ He can be a lot and has been a lot in my live shows,” he revealed.

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But ultimately, Rapp is looking forward to the future when she takes on the role of Regina George (again) in Paramount+ Mean Girls musical film.

“I’m very excited about that film because I think it will be fertile ground for creativity,” he said. “It’s an amazing team and there will be so many people I trust. I’m so excited to work with [a team of people] who, I know, take care of myself, the cast, the crew [and] everyone who works in the best interests of the project, health, safety, mental health – everything”.