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regional decision makers confronted on solutions, differences, procedures

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Rome, March 14 (Adnkronos Salute) – Regional decision makers confronting possible solutions to the inhomogeneity in the procedures of the various Regions in the health field. The occasion is the first online presentation event of Synthesis, a project conceived by Helaglobe, on March 18th at 2.30pm. It is a space for “structured reflection and concrete action for regional decision-makers on issues of common interest and has the objective of improving the response to the demand for health, in full respect of sustainability”, explains a note.

Starting from the sharing and analysis of the theme, Synthesis guides the decision-makers to a comparison in which the status quo is reconstructed and validated, region by region. Through the involvement of the other players in the health system that are relevant from time to time with respect to the problem under examination, the analysis is developed that will lead to the definition of the requests for change and recommendations. These elements, always with the methodological support of Synthesis, are transferred to the central institutions – such as the Ministry of Health and Aifa – through position documents that summarize the evidence found and propose possible practical solutions that can be applied.

“Non-homogeneity of regional processes and procedures such as access to therapies, the relationship with regional contracting stations, regional health planning, the financing of high-cost technologies, find in Synthesis a common forum for comparison and analysis – says Davide Cafiero , CEO of Helaglobe – The goal is to identify the obstacles that create potential limitations to access to care for people with diseases and to remove or at least mitigate them, while generating an efficiency in regional management processes “.

The first theme addressed within the project is related to the ‘Innovative Medicines Fund’ and the ‘Rare Diseases Fund’ and, in the event of 18 March, the heads of regional pharmaceutical policies of Campania, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Lazio, Lombardy and Tuscany will be called to discuss it.

“The Position Paper reflects the three lines of intervention identified, first of all the planning of funds to obtain greater punctuality in the disbursement of advances – underlines Ugo Trama, head of regional drug policies, Campania Region – Secondly, the reporting of flows through control dashboards, and finally the synchronization between access to innovation and the timing of the regional purchasing centers for a planned and efficient action “.

The event will be moderated by Enrica Menditto, of the Interdepartmental Center for Research in Pharmaceutical Economics and Pharmaceutical Use (Cirff), Federico II University of Naples, and will conclude with a round table to which representatives of patient associations, scientific societies, Farmindustria have been invited. , Aifa and the Ministry of Health.