Imagine that you send an important email and that you give it to send. In a few seconds you realize that you have missed attaching an important attachment. What will you do? Will you resend another email with the attachment and apologizing? This can happen to all of us that I just described. But luckily, those of us who use Google’s Gmail service, these errors and mistakes can be solved quickly and efficiently.  

In Gmail there is a configuration, both in the free version and in the company version, that allows you to undo the sent mail, rectify it and resend it; without anything having happened.

This configuration allows you to cancel the send for 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds from the moment you hit the send button.

Rectify is an American television drama series exploring the life of a man after he is released from prison after nearly 20 years on death row following a wrongful conviction. It was created by Ray McKinnon and is the first original series from SundanceTV.

How to rectify an Income Tax Return online?

The rectification process of an Income Tax Declaration is an event that begins on June 1 of the current tax year, through which the taxpayer modifies the Income Declaration originally filed, since it contains errors or inconsistent information , which has been detected by the taxpayer himself or by the SII.

To rectify an Income Statement online, you must enter the SII website, Online Services, Income Statement, Correct or rectify statement menu, or from the option Check income statement status. For both alternatives, RUT and Tax Code are required.

Then, it is necessary to select the period to be rectified and subsequently a screen called Income Statement Status Inquiry will be displayed, from which you can select any of the following options:

Correct or rectify statement

This option allows you to correct your Income Tax Declaration. If your statement is observed, you will enter the detail of these observations and, where possible, you will obtain proposed values ​​to correct your statement. Additionally, you can select aids, from the following option:

  1. Help to correct observations
  2. In this option there are instructions that help to correct the most common observations individually.

You can obtain more information on this issue on the SII website, Online Services, income statement, Help option.

Top 10 RECTIFY Results

1. who killed hannah in rectify

Hannah caught George and Trey and possibly Chris fucking, which is why Trey tried to cover it up by raping her to prove that they weren’t. He killed her because he didn’t want his secret getting out. I believe they gave Daniel the date rape drug…

I have it set to 30 seconds.

It is a super practical tool and easy to do. In addition to getting out of trouble if you have written something in the email that you shouldn’t.

2. Rectify

For an interview with “Rectify” creator Ray McKinnon, go here, and for a feature on the show, look here. For a podcast that delves into “Rectify” and its finale, go here . 27 Comments

3. who killed hannah in rectify

Sundance TV kicked off its Rectify Q&A at TCA by announcing that the show will return for its final season on October 26, so naturally the first question was fired at creator, EP, writer, direc…

4. who killed hannah in rectify

Rectify owes us no answers. Yes, the last few episodes presented new evidence in the Hanna Dean murder case, boosting the procedural aspects of the show to previously unseen levels. But as the series finale, “All I’m Sayin’,” shows, that was only done to bring the show to its natural stopping point. Not Daniel Holden’s complete and utter absolution (or concrete proof of his guilt …

5. Is rectify on Netflix good?

Overall, “Rectify” is a show who should be seen by those who like terrific characters study series, carefully crafted, very slowly paced and being a drama down to its core. But its also one of the most unique things (in a best possible way) I’ve ever seen. 14 out of 19 found this helpful.

Rectify is the only show to appear on my Top 10 list for each of the past four years, … Hannah and the rest. I don’t think I would have wanted to see that version of the show.

6. Rectify

Sundance’s Rectify came to a fitting, final close late Wednesday night, capping its four-season run with 110 minutes of what it has done best. I am in no position to recount the entire, extended …

7. who killed hannah in rectify

As far as I can recall, the only thing the show seems to state with any bit of certainty by the end is that Daniel was not the person who murdered Hannah that night. It does not definitively state who did. Based on the final conversation between Sheriff Daggett and Trey, Trey implies that Chris Nelms may have murdered Hannah.

8. Rectify

Rectify (TV Series 2013–2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

9. Rectify

“Nothing will rectify what’s happened,” Amantha said, subtly name-checking the series. “It won’t bring back Hannah, or my dad, or my 18-year-old brother.” “I think that might qualify …

10. who killed hannah in rectify

Each character got a little bit of a moment, and Rectify made the most of each one. Even when Teddy asked Sheriff Daggett if he thought Daniel killed Hanna was a monstrously powerful moment.

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1  RECTIFY Episode 8 Clip (SPOILERS) – Daniel’s Enactment

Daniel forces himself to recreate Hannah’s murder. All new RECTIFY episodes on Thursday, 9/8c on Sundance TV. Subscribe to SundanceTV: RECTIFY – After spending 19 years on Death Row for the rape and murder of his teenage girlfriend, Daniel Holden is going home. His conviction has been vacated due to new DNA evidence …
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