Police continue to investigate cases related to several reports about sex videos like Gisella Anastasia. There have been some developments taking place quite rapidly.

The case reporter also said that the Polda Metro Jaya investigators had already conducted an investigation.

Recent Facts About Gisel-Like Sex Videos

Recent Facts About Gisel Like Sex Videos

“Considering that investigators have examined witnesses and experts, as well as evidence in the form of immoral videos that have been submitted forensics, so that the National Police’s evidence is sufficient to convey to the public the results of face recognition and face comparisons of who the actors are in the immoral video,” said the reporter, Pitra Romadoni Nasution.

1. Police Arrest Two Suspects Who Spread Gisel-Like Sex Videos

After arresting two suspects who spread the massive hot video, the police are now investigating the perpetrator who first distributed the pornographic video.

Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Yusri Yunus, said that his party is currently profiling an account that first distributed the exciting video.

The two actors with the initials PP (24) and MF (22).

“The account that spreads what we are after, the account that first spreads this we are after,” said Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus to reporters at the Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters, Wednesday (11/18/2020).

2. Summons expert witnesses to check the authenticity of Gisel-like sex videos

The police immediately checked the authenticity of the pornographic video which was said to resemble the artist Gisella Anastasia or Gisel. The police invited expert witnesses to analyze the faces of the actors in the exciting video.

“We will invite expert witnesses, expert witnesses for facial forensics that are in the video,” said Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Yusri Yunus.

Yusri said the police would also trace a number of tools in the video. All of that will be explored by IT experts.

3. Police Profiling Friends of Gisel

From the examination of expert witnesses, the police are currently profiling a friend of Gisel. Who is she?

“For this video we will call again specifically, yesterday IT has fulfilled all the elements, we will call the IT again. For the problem of this GA sister, we are still doing profiling,” said the Head of Public Relations of Polda. Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters.

Yusri did not explain who Gisel’s colleague was. However, according to Yusri, Gisel’s friend was the result of an examination by an IT expert witness.

“Also, whether there are other possibilities later, we are still waiting for the results of the investigation by this GA sister to develop or not in the investigation stage from friends of the Metro Jaya Police’s Cyber Subdit,” said Yusri. This News Indonesia Bahasa Read More