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Real Madrid rail against claims by ‘regime club’ Barcelona with stunning video

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By Sean Walsh

Real Madrid have released a stunning video in a bid to disarm Barcelona president Joan Laporta’s claims that they were “the club of the regime”.

Laporta struck down the Blancos during Monday’s press conference to explain Barça’s involvement in the Negreira case.

Barcelona are alleged to have paid former chief referee Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira for analysis and information on match officials, with Spanish authorities accusing the club of “continuing sporting corruption”.

UEFA has also opened an investigation and could ban Barça from entering the Champions League.

But in a long-awaited press conference, Laporta suggested it was Real Madrid who were historical favorites as they were “the club of the regime” when dictator Francisco Franco ruled Spain from 1939 to 1975.

“[Real Madrid] they claim to feel irritated in sporting terms by this. This comes from a club, as we all know, that have been officiating favorites throughout history and still today. A club that at the time was considered ‘the club of the regime'” said Laporta.

“Why was it like this? Because of how close they were to political, economic and sporting power… it should be remembered that during seven decades, most of the presidents and refereeing committee officials were former Real Madrid partners, former del Real Madrid or former Real Madrid executives. For 70 years, the people in charge of making decisions about it were from Real Madrid.”

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Real Madrid did not take kindly to Laporta’s outburst and released an incredible video on Monday evening in an attempt to overturn this accusation against Barcelona.

The four-and-a-half-minute video asked the question: “Which is the regime’s team?”, and delved into Barça’s ties and successes in the Franco era.

Real Madrid underscored that they have endured a 15-year title drought, while Barcelona have won La Liga eight times and the old Copa del Generalisimo (now Copa del Rey) on nine occasions.

While real Madrid legend Santiago Bernabeu, after whom their stadium is named, furiously hated the idea that Blancos were Franco’s team, Barcelona’s Camp Nou pitch was opened by the dictator’s general minister.

They also accuse Barcelona of making Franco an honorary member of the club and giving him awards on three occasions.

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