Rai fee 2022: what changes in the bill and for smartphones – RB

Rai Fee 2022: what changes in the bill and for smartphones – RB

Hello, Welcome to the RockedBuzz News site! I will present you all the details of Canone Rai 2022: what changes in the bill and for smartphones – RB here.

Rai Fee 2022: what changes in the bill and for smartphones – RB

Rai Fee 2022: what changes in the bill and for smartphones – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Rai fee 2022: what changes in the bill and for smartphones – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Rai Fee 2022: what changes in bill and for smartphones – RB

It is talked about everywhere. The fee Rai will be separated from the bill and must also be paid by those who use devices other than television. Although there is a fear of an increase in tax evasion, with levels that will return to previous years. But what really changes in 2022? Let’s clarify how the Rai license fee is paid this year and who is entitled to the exemption.

Rai fee 2022, can you no longer pay your bill? Let’s be clear

First of all we clarify that also for the 2022 the Rai fee must be paid together with the electricity bill. The change will in fact take place in 2023 , on explicit request from the $pean Commission. If the Government does not change this method of collection, our country will not be entitled to receive the funds of the NRR , we told you about here.

The motivation is simple. For Brussels, it is not permissible for a private company operating in the energy sector to collect a tax, on behalf of the State, relating to a different sector from your own.

For this reason, starting from January 2023 we should go back to the old model, with the payment of the Rai fee separate from the bill, even if a new peak of tax evaders , as was already the case with the old system in force before 2016.

Rai fee 2022, do you also pay for smartphones, tablets and computers?

Only those who own a television have to pay the TV license. However, today it is possible to see Rai, and most of the other networks, also through smartphones, tablets and computers. Devices that do not fall within the definition, because in fact they cannot receive, decode and display the digital terrestrial signal or satellite.

Although there are specific equipment, in fact, the most direct way to watch TV through smart devices and PCs is to connect to internet , but this possibility is not contemplated by the law.

For years, attempts have also been made to regulate streaming , considering that through RaiPlay it is possible to access all the contents of Rai live and on demand.

But the Italian Parliament has ditched all the bills on the Rai fee for smartphones, which we have talked about here. The big news for 2022, therefore, is that there will be no big news. But pay attention to the expired exemptions.

Rai Fee 2022, who has to pay, how much, when and how

Based on the provisions of the Mise on 20 April 2016, the presence of a television set is assumed for each family unit with an electric user. For this each family is required to pay the rent in the bill.

The amount of the fee is equal to 90 $ the year, divided into 10 monthly installments from 9 $ each, to be paid from January to October together with the electricity bill. The fee can also be paid with model F 24 of the reference year or with the charge in the pension.

Rai Fee 2022, who is entitled to the exemption and how to get it

Through a specific model, anyone who owns an electrical user can declare that does not own any television set, and therefore be exempt from paying this tax. But be careful. The exemptions are valid for one year only , and a new one must be submitted every year. Here is the guide to request the exemption of the Rai fee.

Citizens who have completed 75

are also exempted years , who have an annual income of their own and that of their spouse not exceeding 8 thousand $ and they do not have cohabitants with their own income. Also in this case for the exemption it is necessary to submit a self-certification. The other category not required to pay the fee is that of foreign diplomats and military .