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Asking a Swiss if he likes raclette or fondue more can generate intense debates, although deep down any good Swiss will keep both dishes, why choose? The raclette, which defines both the production and a cheese with a protected designation of origin, is perhaps more versatile and grateful, as it appeals both in the cold season and on days of summer. And for many Swiss it is the official New Year’s Eve dish, perfect to throw a whole party around the table.

Actually, although we usually identify the word raclette also with the apparatus, in German they refer to their gadgets with specific terms, like racletteöfen , since they are more inventions modern. Raclette is a typical cheese from the Valais region, French zone, and it is said that the dish was born as a result of the custom of the shepherds to melt it on fire to warm the stomach in the cold of the mountains.

To be able to eat it, the cheese had to be “scraped” with a knife on the plate or bread, and from there the traditional Swiss dish would be born, very popular also in France and today spread to half the world. Today it has become a ritual that brings together families and friends around a table well stocked with slices of cheese, good bread, boiled potatoes, pickles and other foods.

As we already explained In more depth, by delving into the history and details of the raclette, to facilitate its preparation, specific devices were designed for both professional service in the hospitality and domestic sectors. Today we find multiple options with different gadgets to recreate the Swiss raclette at home , with options that adapt to different needs. Let’s see what they are.

What do you have to look for when buying a raclette The format

A raclette can be prepared following three methods: wood fire, scraped and with raclonette . It is these last two that interest us to recreate the Swiss experience at home, and they differ in the format of the gadget to use:

Scraped raclette . It is the system that is used at the most professional level, in restaurants and fairs, and the one preferred by true fans of this cheese. Called Racletteöfen , it is a device patented in the middle of the 20th century in which half wheels of the cheese are placed on a metal plate, exposing the surface of the cut to the heat that emits a heater. As the outer layer melts, the cheese is scraped off for service. The results are much tastier but the gadget is more cumbersome and requires more work.

Raclonette . The most popular domestic model features individual pans where each diner deposits their portion of cheese to melt it into the main body of the gadget, using electric heat. They usually have a superior non-stick griddle or grill that allows you to cook other foods at the same time, making the raclette a perfect complete menu to share. It is very easy to use and they are very compact.

Dimensions and diners The size of a raclonette is marked mainly by the number of diners it can serve, that is, the number of individual mini pans that houses. Actually they could be shared among several, but it is much more comfortable -and hygienic- that each diner has their own frying pan to prepare the cheese to their liking.

There are individual ones – a cute, which are usually heated with special- and double candles, very compact, even for 12 people , the most voluminous. They usually increase in even numbers and, depending on the design, they can be round, square or rectangular.

Choosing one model or another will depend on how many we are used to being at home or for how many guests we want to prepare the feast. Due to their dimensions, and since they cannot be folded for storage, we do not recommend going to the larger models unless we are very sure that we are going to give it a lot of use and taking advantage of its full capacity.

For a standard family or a couple that may have guests, the size of four or six may be ideal. The raclettes of eight are also a popular format because they give more play for celebrations at home, and you can always take advantage of the leftover pans to cook several servings at the same time, at different times , avoiding having to wait a long time between one cheese and another.

Power and adjustable thermostat The purpose of this appliance is to melt the cheese at a reasonable speed and grill vegetables and other foods, so we need good power. A good eight person raclette should have at least 1200 W of power , being more recommended those of 1400 W – 1600 W. Today there are many manufacturers who directly offer powerful machines of 2000 W, although, logically, they spend more. The smaller ones perform well with some 600 – 800 W .

Here also comes into play the importance of offering an adjustable thermostat , which allows us play with the temperature according to taste or needs. Not all cheeses melt the same at the same temperature, and sometimes we don’t want them to melt too fast.

Materials The surface of the pans must be made of quality non-stick material so that the cheese can catch the heat well, melt and slide without difficulty. The body of the device is usually metallic, but some manufacturers add touches of wood to give it that more rustic and “alpine” touch that evokes the original Swiss raclette. In addition, it should be heat resistant, safe to the touch to avoid burns.

Regarding the upper plate or grill, the format may vary; often the same brand presents different models of the same raclette: with a smooth metallic non-stick plate, combining plate and grill, made of natural stone or combining stone and plate / grill . Choosing one surface or another is based on tastes and price.

The stone is more expensive, weighs more and does not offer as much non-stick, but if it is treated well it offers a lot of results tastier in vegetables, meat or fish. The grill is more recommended if we plan to cook fattier foods, since the grill brand does not really offer more advantages than collecting the fat, beyond the drawing on the food.

Accessories and extras

Generally all manufacturers include a set of blades , usually made of wood, to slide the cheese from the pans, but it does not hurt to check that it is. Otherwise, they can always be purchased separately.

Other details to take into account are the ease of cleaning (if the iron or stone is removable or suitable for the dishwasher) and safety, very important especially with children at home. In addition to the body being cold to the touch, it is advisable to opt for a raclette with non-slip feet, special fuses against overheating and a light that indicates the temperature.

Different models that we find in the market Cecotec Raclette Cheese $ Grill 12000 Allstone

The best-selling model of raclette on Amazon is rectangular, have 2000 W of power, eight pans and a top grill made of removable natural stone . The body with stainless finish costs 64, 79 euros on the platform, and is currently a little cheaper on the brand’s website (55, 90 euros).

Although we can also choose two versions, somewhat cheaper, with a non-stick plate or with a half grill and half stone, the model with full stone seems to us a better investment due to its high quality. The stone has a cooking surface of 50, 9 x 25, 3 cm and dishwasher safe. With adjustable thermostat and temperature indicator light.

Cecotec Raclette de Queso y grill Cheese & Grill 12000 Inox AllStone. 2000 W, Natural stone top grill, Stainless steel finishes, 8 individual pans, Pull-out design

Mini raclette Kuhn Rikon

Pretty and elegant, this mini raclette for single use can also be a small complement to a lunch and dinner in couple. Very small and compact, it consists of a single elongated pan-plate that is heated by the heat of three candles , so at the beginning you have to be patient so that the cheese melts .

Once it warms up, the process goes quite fast, and it also allows you to cook grilled vegetables, toast bread or heat food. It is also ideal for mini pancakes , burritos or crêpes. Costs 12, 90 euros.

KUHN RIKON 32108 – Set Mini raclette, Color Red

Princess Stone Grill

The Princess range of raclette is also very popular and has several models with sizes for all pleasures. This in particular can be a great option for those looking for a more compact and versatile model, with a natural stone grill and four pans. Costs 35, 91 25, 50 eruos.

With a size of 33 x 25 x 12 , 2 centimeters and just over three kilos in weight, has 600 W of power, adjustable thermostat, temperature indicator light and an easy-to-clean stone from 21 cm side , square. It is also suitable for use in campsites.

Princess 162810 Stone Grill Party – Raclette and grill for 4 people

Raclette Party by Severin

This model is another of the most popular, best valued and best-selling, which I can also personally attest that it works very well and is perfect for tables of 4-6 people. Have 1500 W and currently costs 55, 99 euros.

It has eight mini pans and a stone of excellent quality for grilling vegetables, meat or seafood at the same time. The stone must be heated in advance -not too much- and it does not require greasing it with anything, just season it with a handful of coarse salt. It allows to regulate the power of the temperature and also has a temperature indicator light.

SEVERIN Raclette with natural stone, reversible grill with stone surface and 8 non-stick pans, electric grill for 8 people, max. 1400 W, Black, RG 2372

Raclette H.Koenig RP 418

This oval model with eight mini pans achieves maximum use of space and also It has three interchangeable upper plates , which multiplies the options when it comes to setting up parties and meals at home. Costs 119 66, 99 euros.

Thus, in addition to cooking the raclette cheese (or another), we can use the top with a plate for mini pancakes, a grill plate with two separate surfaces or a complete natural stone . With 1500 W of power, indicator light and adjustable thermostat.

H.Koenig RP 418 Raclette – Grill for 8 people, 1500 W, Stainless Steel, Black, Gray, Red

Cecotec Raclette Cheese & Grill 6000 Black

The Spanish house has, in addition to its models of raclonette type iron, a fantastic domestic model that adapts the Swiss tradition to the home, and that we were able to analyze in depth by testing it on home, getting a higher grade than high. In addition to not being too bulky, it is at a very good price, as it only costs 35, 12 31, 91 euros.

In elegant full black, this gadget of 600 W is more than powerful and capable of effectively melting cheese in a few minutes; It has a top plate where you can cook vegetables or other foods at the same time and it comes with two wooden spatulas to scrape the cheese or slide individual servings, if we use that format. The thermostat is adjustable and the cheese holder can be completely removed.

Cecotec Raclette Cheese & Grill 6000 Black. Power 600 W, Grill Function, Stainless Steel Finish, Adjustable Thermostat, 2 Wooden Spatulas, Non-Stick Upper Grill

Klarstein Appenzell XL

For true passionate of this dish or those who seek to live the authentic experience of all their ritual at home, in the absence of a wood oven in the mountains. By 79, 99 euros. As in the previous case, these types of gadgets do not need more than a few 600 W of power to provide excellent results.

In this case we have a model with two supports for cheese, adjustable in height to play with power and times, fully reclining out to easily slide the cheese, and are adjustable to hold better every piece of cheese. It also also includes the upper non-stick griddle for vegetables or whatever, and the thermostat is adjustable.

Klarstein Appenzell XL – Raclette with iron, 600 W, thermostat, stainless steel heating element, grill on top, height-adjustable cheese holder, swivel and tiltable, black

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