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‘QMaga’: How QAnon, MAGA and ‘Christian nationalism’ have pushed the GOP into ‘madness’

‘QMaga’: How QAnon, MAGA and ‘Christian nationalism’ have pushed the GOP into ‘madness’
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‘QMaga’: How QAnon, MAGA and ‘Christian nationalism’ have pushed the GOP into ‘madness’

During his 2020 campaign, former President Donald Trump made a point of being vague when discussing the far-right QAnon movement. Trump refrained from overtly promoting QAnon and its conspiracy theories, but he wouldn’t say anything critical of them either and claimed that he “didn’t know much about” their movement.

Times have changed. Trump is now openly promoting QAnon and is using exact phrases associated with the group, including “the storm” and their slogan “where we go one, we go all.” And Trump is hardly the only MAGA Republican who is embracing QAnon.

Mother Jones’ David Corn describes the intersection of QAnon, MAGA and “Christian nationalism” as “QMaga,” attacking it as an authoritarian threat to U.S. democracy in an article that was originally published in his Our Land newsletter and was republished by Mother Jones on September 23. Extremism in the GOP is a subject that Corn also tackles in his new book, “American Psychosis: A Historical Investigation of How the Republican Party Went Crazy.”

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“For years, Trump had played footsie with QAnon, claiming he didn’t know much about it but praising its adherents’ supposed patriotism, their opposition to pedophilia and, naturally, their cultish love of him,” Corn explains in his Mother Jones/Our Land article. “Offered the chance to denounce this perverse craziness, he bobbed and weaved…. No more. He went full QAnon the other day when he posted online a photoshopped image of him wearing a Q pin. To make the message clear, this picture proclaimed, ‘The Storm Is Coming’ — a QAnon catchphrase referring to that ultimate showdown between Trump and the evildoers. And it contained the abbreviation for the QAnon slogan, ‘where we go one, we go all.’”

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