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Putin and Zelensky also visited the front, the Russians stepped up the siege of Bahmut – Our war news on Wednesday

NATO is holding a cyber defense exercise in Estonia

A four-day cyber defense exercise started in Estonia with the participation of several NATO member countries and other partner countries.

During the virtual exercise, teams from 38 countries will protect existing computer systems from real-time attacks for four days and test tactical and strategic decisions that can be used in critical situations, NATO’s counter-attacks center in Tallinn informed.

According to the announcement, more than three thousand people will take part in the exercise, which will take place until April 21.

Cyber ​​warfare may not be as visible as kinetic warfare, but it is already part of wars

he emphasized Hanno Pevkur Estonian Minister of Defense and, referring to the war in Ukraine, added that the past year has shown the importance of effective cyber defense.

The exercise has been organized annually since 2010. The NATO Cooperative Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE) has been operating in Estonia since 2008, a kind of military think tank outside the command structure of the North Atlantic Alliance. The center was founded after a serious cyber attack hit the Baltic country, which borders Russia.


Moldova expels a Russian diplomat

Moldova expels one of the diplomats of the Russian embassy in Chisinau, in this case the Russian ambassador was summoned on Wednesday to inform him of the decision.

The precedent of the case is that the Moldovan authorities did not allow him to enter the country on Monday Rustam Minnihanov Tatar leader and his entourage. The two Russian diplomats who received Minnihanov at the airport, as it were Daniel Voda a Moldovan government spokesman said, he “behaved inappropriately”, which is why their airport special entry cards were taken from them.

Doreen Recean On Wednesday, the Prime Minister called for restrictions on the freedom of movement of the two Russian diplomats following the incident. At the same time, he thanked the Moldovan border guard, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their actions in the matter.

At the same time, Recean reprimanded the Moldovan parliament and members of the House of Representatives of the Gagauz Autonomous Region for inviting Russian citizens. He believed that the delegation had come so that its members could interfere in the elections in Gagauzia.

The Prime Minister’s words were criticized by the member of the Moldovan government Irina Vlahthe leader of Gagauzia, who said that they have been cooperating with Tatarstan for 25 years.

The leader of Tatarstan said that Moldovan authorities have declared him a person undesirable. By the way, he added, he flew to Chisinau at the invitation of representatives of the Moldovan parliament and Gagauz autonomy, who recently visited Tatarstan and outlined a large-scale joint work program.

In the past, the Moldovan authorities repeatedly denied entry to the republic to Russian artists, political scientists, scientists, public figures and journalists.


A Russian drone attack hit Odessa

A Russian drone attack hit Odesa in southern Ukraine at dawn on Wednesday, no casualties are known, the authorities of the Black Sea port city announced.

According to the information, most of the Iranian-made Sahed-136 type drones were destroyed by the Ukrainian air defense, and one building was hit.

The fire that arose as a result of the attack has been extinguished.

The Ukrainian army announced that a total of ten drones had been destroyed the previous day: among others, Russian Orlan-10 surveillance drones and Sahed-136 combat drones.

They added that on Tuesday, Russian forces carried out a total of four missile attacks and 60 airstrikes, injuring several civilians.


That’s how many people arrived in Hungary from Ukraine on Tuesday

On April 18, 2023, 5,280 people entered the territory of Hungary at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border between midnight and midnight. Among those who entered the Romanian-Hungarian border section, 5,934 people declared that they came from Ukraine.


Putin and Zelensky also visited the front, the Russians stepped up the siege of Bahmut – Our war news on Wednesday

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the occupied Kherson and Luhansk regions, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Avdiyivka, Donetsk region. Oleksiy Syrkskyi, the head of the Ukrainian ground forces, said on Tuesday that Russian forces have intensified artillery attacks and airstrikes against Bakhmut in Donetsk region. Meanwhile, Poland has reached an agreement that the transit of Ukrainian grain through its territory will resume from Friday. Our article is constantly updated.

Cover photo: Ukrainian artillerymen at Bahmut on April 13, 2023. Source: Diego Herrera Carcedo/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images