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TO Strip the Newshere is the moment of a great classic: we talk about de The new monsters, the service entirely dedicated to the best of the worst that has been seen in the last week of television. The new monsters are back in the episode of Monday 7 March broadcast on Canale 5 and conducted by Francesca Manzini And Gerry Scotti.

In the crosshairs of the satirical news of Canale 5 there is an old target, Masterchefthe Sky cooking show of which Strip years ago I will spoil the winner on the eve of the grand final, sparking a bitter controversy. No spoilers this year: Masterchef ended last Thursday with Tracy’s victory, aspiring Italian-Nigerian cook with a sensational talent. Tracy subverting the forecasts managed to defeat the competition from the last act Carmine Gorrasi18 year old and all time favorite, possibly one of the best cooking talents ever since Masterchef. But at the grand final, Carmine simply made a mistake.

But what did he win thanks to, Tracy? That’s what she focuses on Strip the News, which reserves a place in the ranking of The new monsters precisely for one of the most curious events that occurred during the final. Just before the competition started, Elena – another competitor of this edition – has in fact given Tracy a sort of amulet, a good luck charm. What was it about? Soon said: of a thong, which the cook tied to her wrist. In short, the whole final with a thong hanging from her arm. “Masterchef and the intimate talisman”, the title Striscia proposing the curious service …

Strip, the New monsters and Tracy of Masterchef: here the video