We will explain the PUBG Mobile Ban Removal fix in 2021 in the simplest way. Now, players who ate Ban for any reason in the PUBG Mobile game will have learned how to lift this ban.

The mobile PUBG game, which broke records last year, continues to bring records and innovations to the gaming industry from where it left off this year. The situation that annoys most players is that the control team and systems are often banned in the PUBG Mobile game.


PUBG Ban Removal and Causes

We are receiving hundreds of different messages for PUBG Mobile Ban Removal throughout the year 2021. We have reserved every detail in our helpful article for those who want help in this regard. You can remove your ban penalty by applying what we explained below. Contact here


We have listed below the elements that will cause you to be banned in the mobile PUBG game and how to remove it if you have been banned unfairly.

  1. Making Ghost (Playing by Watching Broadcasters)
  2. Killing your teammate (with or without bombing)
  3. Using 3rd party software (for image quality etc.)
  4. Changing files (for weapon patterns etc.)
  5. Setting up a team (teaming up in solo matches)
  6. Using bugs (using bugs to your advantage)
  7. Aimbot (My Tab Trick etc.)
  8. Inappropriate messages (swearing and insults in chat)
  9. Playing in fraudulent teams (joining Aimbot users)
  10. Payment fraud (Making illegal purchases)

If you have applied at least 1 of the reasons listed above, you probably have been banned. If you think that you have never done any of these in PUBG Mobile and think you have been banned innocently, read what we write below carefully.

We will have to write a petition to the game, all of them are read and examined, and if you are right, the bans you eat are lifted, even small gifts can be given.

Address to be sent – Contact Mail:
[email protected]

Topic title:
Why has my PUBG account been banned?

Topic Content:
Dear PUBG developer, recently my account was banned by you, I do not accept this ban, but I strongly object. My account has been banned and removed from the game for no reason, there is no evidence or evidence or any inappropriate behavior. If my account has behaved in violation of your rules, I want proof that I violated. I am waiting for good news on reopening my account, have a nice day.

Account info:
Account details:
User name:

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PUBG Mobile Ban Removal – 2021

For PUBG Mobile Unblock, you can ensure that your penalties are lifted by following the up-to-date information for 2021 that we have described above. If you do not understand and cannot do the above steps, we can do this for you. Ask us for help by commenting on this content we have created under the name of PUBG Mobile Ban Removal throughout 2021.

If the reason you are penalized in the game is not really cheating or illegal software, we can remove your ban. You have to be right for your punishment to be lifted. If you are really wrong and punished for being guilty, we cannot do anything about it. Comment on our PUBG Mobile Ban Remove article, write why your account was penalized and leave your e-mail address. In this way, we can get back to you.

PUBG unban

PUBG was recently unbanned in China, Pakistan, Korea and Nepal. In India, PUBG Corporation has snapped ties with Tencent Games in order to launch PUBG Mobile India. The company has also registered a subsidiary in India and has announced to invest USD 100 million in India.

Is PUBG unban in India today?

When will PUBG Mobile relaunch in India? As of now, PUBG Mobile is banned in India due to privacy concerns. PUBG Corporation has broken ties with Tencent Games in order to launch the game – PUBG Mobile India. Read More

PUBG Mobile is without doubt one of the most popular mobile video games in the world and it was hugely popular in India too until the mobile game was banned by the Indian government in September. The Indian government had banned the game under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act saying that PUBG Mobile app was engaged in activities that are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of the country.

It is to be noted that India is not the only country that banned PUBG Mobile as the multiplayer mobile game was banned in several countries due to various reasons. However, PUBG Mobile is now unbanned in several countries and now PUBG Corporation is making efforts to relaunch the mobile game to India.

PUBG was recently unbanned in China, Pakistan, Korea and Nepal.

In India, PUBG Corporation has snapped ties with Tencent Games in order to launch PUBG Mobile India. The company has also registered a subsidiary in India and has announced to invest USD 100 million in India. PUBG Corporation, however, is still waiting for permission from the Centre to launch PUBG Mobile India.

Many RTI applications have been filed with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology seeking information about the status of launch of PUBG Mobile India. The Ministry responded to RTIs saying that the app will be checked by the Centre before giving any permission for relaunch. According to sources, if PUBG Mobile India will be found following all of the Indian government’s rules and regulations, the Centre may give permission to relaunch the game in the country.

Lakhs of PUBG lovers in India are eagerly waiting for the launch of PUBG Mobile India and speculations are rife that PUBG Corporation is planning to launch the new version in March 2021.

Earlier, PUBG Corporation had announced that it will provide Indian players with “a secure and healthy gameplay environment inside of the game.” The company had also said that it privacy and security of all Indian players data will be the top priority of the company. The company will also be conducting “regular audits and verifications on the storage systems holding Indian users’ personally identifiable information to reinforce security and ensure that their data is safely managed.”

Several reports claimed that PUBG Mobile India will be customised as per the needs of Indian gamers. The new game will come loaded with some major changes to the UI. It is expected that the matches will take place in a virtual simulation training ground setting. The characters in PUBG Mobile India will be clothed from the beginning and there will be green hit effects instead of red.