For those looking for the PUBG Mobile Locked Pumpkin Chest Password, we are explaining how to buy moonlight mansion items. Our updated content for 2020 will be very useful for you. How to Unlock a Pumpkin added to the game in PUBG Mobile Halloween events? The question is asked too much. We share with you the password that will enable you to open this honey moonlight mansion item.

PUBG Mobile Pumpkin Locked Password (Free)

Thanks to the PUBG Mobile Locked Pumpkin Chest Password crate, you can open the item and get rewards. We explain how to do this in items below. You can write your questions about the subject that you wonder and want to ask.

PUBG Mobile Pumpkin Locked Password

What you need to do for the PUBG Mobile Locked Pumpkin Chest Password;

  • Click the Locked Pumpkin,
  • Type “PUBGMOBILE” in the Password Section.

The photos and tasks in the event are designed to distract the players. Complete the missions and get all 10 chests. Thanks to the simple process above, you can enter the PUBG Mobile Locked Pumpkin Create Password and win different rewards.

PUBG Mobile Moonlight Mansion Password

PUBG Mobile Moonlight Mansion Password

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Locked pumpkin crate password 100% Working Trick

PUBG locked pumpkin crate password

You don’t have to collect 8 photos by completing daily missions. Just enter the password “PUBGMOBILE” that’s it.

Locked pumpkin crate

You have to collect 8 photos by completing daily missions, after that you will recieve a password for Pumpkin Crate. Collecting 8 photos is must before opening this Crate.

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