PUBG Mobile No Recoil

PUBG Mobile No Recoil config file Download 2021

For game lovers looking for the PUBG Mobile No Recoil, we share download links to APK files that also run on Android and IOS platforms (PC) devices by 2021. 1.4 and the latest version contains up-to-date files. In PUBG Mobile, the popular survival game, tabmeme config files are quite popular, which will allow you to kill enemies more easily. During 2021, we will share up-to-date information about iOS operating system files for iPhone devices and APK files for Android devices. At the same time, we will answer your questions here.

What is PUBG Mobile No Recoil?

Files named No Recoil Config, used by almost everyone in PUBG Mobile Game, allow you to edit game settings. As with any online FPS game, it is possible for players to adjust the settings in this game. In order to use your settings here and game settings not included here in the most accurate way, the No Recoil config files are used.

Download PUBG Mobile No Recoil Config

In America, most players do searches in the form of Config download on the PUBG Mobile No Recoil, so we have prepared this content for you. Foreign sources abroad know that the game of survival is very popular in our country. Currently, PUBG Mobile: Adventure is a study of various files that are searched for in the game, including app stores called PUBG Mobile: adventure.

The sites created for PUBG Mobile No Recoil Config allow players to download these files. Actually, the goal is to download edited illegal files. Malware placed in such files will cause your personal information, especially your bank account information, to be stolen. If you are looking for real versions of these mentioned Config files, we have explained to you below how you can find them. It was shared for those who entered the game with the emulator on their phones or computers running IOS and APK operating systems.

PUBG Mobile No Recoil Config 1.4 IOS (iPhone)

IPhone users who want to use the PUBG Mobile No Recoil Config 1.4 file for your IOS devices need to be very careful. Because of the operating system, it is quite difficult to edit such files. But still, we found that there is malware in a few files circulating in the market, as we described above. So it is useful to be very careful.

PUBG Mobile No Recoil Config 1.4 APK (Android)

Now we would like to make a suggestion for those looking for PUBG Mobile No Recoil Config 1.4 APK. You can also see the proposal as a warning. Because there are hundreds of different files circulating in our country right now. It’s normal to search for such files to be able to perform a gun No Recoil, as in videos you see from social media accounts. But the consequences will not be as mild as you think.

How to configure PUBG Mobile No Recoil?

Below are the steps to configure the PUBG Mobile No Recoil. If you apply it completely and correctly, No Recoil will successfully perform the config process and you can start using it immediately. Make sure you have the files up to date in 2021.

  • Download current files to your device,
  • Upload files to the location we provide below,
  • You can log in and use it.

PUBG Mobile No Recoil Config file 2021

The recommended setup for PUBG Mobile No Recoil Config file 2021 is as follows. Otherwise, it will not work if it cannot be installed correctly.

Wight Body File: 👇…
*White body no recoil no grass file*
*Password 1234*

No Recoil No Grass 👇
*No recoil No Grass File*

  1. Download the file by clicking the “download PUBG Mobile No Recoil Config” button given above.
  2. In the file ” game_patch_1.4.0.15151.copy the” pak ” file,
  3. Follow the steps below via RAR again,
  4. Android >
  5. Data >
  6. com.tencent.spindle >
  7. Files >
  8. UE4Game >
  9. ShadowTrackerExtra >
  10. ShadowTrackerExtra >
  11. Saved >
  12. Paks >
  13. Paste the file you copied here and say replace.
  14. You can log into PUBG Mobile game, enjoyable games.

Is PUBG Mobile the reason for my No Recoil Config Ban?

Is PUBG Mobile the reason for my No Recoil Config Ban? it’s one of the questions that players who want to use it ask the most. There have been serious allegations that the ban could be imposed because it disrupts the competitive environment in the game, but there has been no official statement on the matter. We can edit the settings in the game, so these files don’t automatically allow you to eat the ban. But after complaints from rival players, you may encounter something like a “PUBG Mobile Security Alert.”