PUBG MOBILE KR is the Korean version of the famous action game PUBG. This version contains features that are not available in the standard game. So if you think you are a PUBG fan, you should also try this version.

PUBG Mobile Korea ios

First of all, PUBG MOBILE KR ios isn’t the only non-standard version of PUBG, but we think it’s one of the best, and here’s why:

  • Best response (less delay)
  • The first thing we notice is a much better response speed (less lag) compared to standard PUBG, which may be due to the fact that their servers contain fewer players.
  • Different missions and better loot
  • This version contains much more loot than the standard version, it also has different missions, which makes it worth a try.
  • Can be installed together with PUBG ipad view standard
    Yes, you can have both on the same device without any problem.
  • Supports English as the user interface language
    Only English and Korean languages ​​are supported in this version.
  • You can easily invite and play with your friends
  • It is true that the standard and Korean versions do not share the same servers, but you can easily play and invite your friends from the standard version to the Korean version.
  • UC are less expensive
    UC prices are slightly lower in the Korean version.

Before the transition to PUBG MOBILE KR

If you are interested in PUBG ipad view download MOBILE KR and want to test it with the same account that you use in the standard version, you should know that it will start from the first level, which means that it will not keep your previous registration of the standard version.

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You can’t just get PUBG MOBILE KR from Google Play Store. You need a Korean IP address to get the game. You can do this through a VPN service. However, you can also use an alternative app store like and download the game easily. To get the game, just click the download button on this page and follow the usual installation procedures.


The game modes are the same as in the standard version, where you basically compete with other players online in different available modes:


What is the most popular mode, this is the classic Battle Royale game, where 100 players compete against each other on a large playing field and the last player standing is the winner.


It is similar to classic mode, but it has fewer players, the playing field is smaller, and the game time is also shorter than in classic mode. This mode has three different variants:

  • Hardcore mode.
  • Quick match.
  • Sniper training.


In this mode, you play as a 4v4 team with different rules depending on the category in which you participate. The available categories are:

  • Domination.
  • Sand training.
  • Team Deathmatch.
  • Inventory

Before starting, you should take a look at your inventory to prepare for battle, your armament consists of a primary weapon and a smaller secondary weapon. In addition to various add-ons that can be installed on the weapon of your choice.

How to play

The game controls appear on the screen where on the left you have the movement and speed buttons, on the right side of the screen you have the crouch and jump buttons. Weapons are on both sides of the screen to more easily switch between primary and secondary weapons.

Add friends and form teams

As said above, you can easily add your friends from the standard PUBG mobile game to the Korean version. To do so, you have to use the search bar in the game to search for players by name or ID, you can also add random players that you know in the game.

Add friends and team up

As mentioned above, you can easily add your friends to the Korean version from the standard PUBG game. To do this, you must use the in-game search bar to search for players by name or ID. You can also add random players that you meet in the game.

Settings and graphics

There are many settings to optimize and customize the game. Depending on the type, these settings are grouped into tabs. These sections are:

  • Basic.
  • Graphics.
  • Control S.

There are other options related to device sensitivity, vehicle control and sound.


  1. Full of new, exciting and adventurous missions.
  2. Less delay compared to the standard version.
  3. New collectibles and loot.
  4. Various playable modes.
  5. Ability to play alone or in a team.
  6. Variety of weapons with easy change between them.
  7. Great and easy playability.
  8. Easy to add and team up with other players.
  9. Easily customize settings and graphics.



Get the latest version of PUBG MOBILE KR 1.2.0 with a direct and fast download link via RockedBuzz by clicking the download button on this page.


About Game Comments:

The overall game is excellent I believe if the server issues are fixed properly. Moreover I wanted to comment on ‘gun skins, costumes, vehicle skins’. Its suchan irony to believe what PUBG has become in the past few years. This game was bound to be special and it has. PUBG is now nothing less than a brand. But just like most other brands, PUBG has also shown traits of being nothing but a mere greedy company. I’m not sure if you guys care about the player’s entertainment but you actually got tongue for the money. Or more lkely, its not about spending the money but why are there so less weapons- for a player without UC or RP? Even after spending a huge sum of money, skins are intensely rare to obtain.

Not all players purchase 10 or 20k UC. And for some people, even a 100 UC matters and the disappointment strucks when the whole UC used over some spin only to get coupons and stuffs. I’ve been playing this game for a long time now. Nobody really cares about the gameplay, its just the skins and popularity which ranks you up. I should complain that there are very few skins available to players with no RP and the UC spins provide special items on crucial rarity. I’m an assaulter and I still don’t have a skin for my AKM 🙁

I love the game but the game doesn’t repay me that way. Allow players to spend BP on gun skins and please giveaway an AKM skin, I’d be blessed.

Thank you. PUBG team.

2. Comment

I really love this game especially given the options to enhance the sound and graphics quality. Pretty much everything about this game is great except a few things, there’s really no since I’m having items for a limited time in your inventory that’s kind of irrelevant, also the fact that you’d have to spend tons of money to have those items or any item permanently is also crazy. We understand you want to make money off of us as consumers and players however you have to take care of us first before we even think twice about putting money into the game. I have spent more money than I should have. Also the smoothness of the gameplay is off a bit, even with my graphics enhanced and even when I have to turn options off to smoothen my gameplay it’s still not there. There also needs to be an update to the shop, it’s pretty bad. I mean you can earn currency from challenges and rewards however that takes a while to get anything decent. Like I said before you have to spend loads of usd to actually get nice things and the bp doesn’t really give us anything worth something. This game has so much potential to be an elite mobile game but not if things don’t change or updated. I really hope you guys take the time to read my review and give it a thought because these changes would only be for the better. I’m just one player but I have spent my hard earned money on this game so that being said my words and ideas should be important along with every single other player.

3. Comment

Please make it so when a specific friend comes online that it notifies your phone also fix your bugs theres so many also when in sniper training make it customizable for example if i want only bolt action make it like that or make it like theres only bolt action on Friday’s and all snipers on Monday. Make that feture possible with quick mach to because sometimes i only want pistols but i get item heaven Wich i really don’t like. Also make different cheer park arenas or make a mini rage gear in cheer park also can you make a function for 2 vs 1 or 2v2 because that would be a cool feature in cheer park also make the limit to 3 room cards every 10 days or 1 room card every 5 days also make a cheer park were everyone has to fight because its annoying and hard looking someone thats willing to 1v1 me. Also make the m24 one shot a level 2 vest in tdm. Also when choosing a buddy on your screen make it so you can choose 3 more or make it so you can choose 3 people from your crew to be a partner at the same time also when in the lobby can you make it like the warzone lobby were you walk instead of just standing there. Also make your redeem shop better. Anyways i hope you take my ideas into consideration but thats all bye.