PSG forgets the financial ‘fair play’ and will pay 300 million in payroll

The departure of Leo Messi from FC Barcelona and his signing for Paris Saint-Germain has not only caused a football earthquake, but also an economic one.

The arrival of the Argentine star in the French capital he is going to break all records when it comes to payroll payments by the Parisian club. So much so that, at the expense of the transfer market closing, PSG will pay their first team players more than 300 million euros gross in payroll, according to data from the Salary Sport portal. An amount much higher than what Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will pay to their players throughout this season.

In the absence of the French club making Messi’s hiring official, the most high of the team was that of Neymar, who receives annually 70, 8 million euros gross per season. According to the French newspaper L´Équipe, Messi will sign for the next two seasons with the option of one more at the rate of 40 million euros net per season, which will make him the highest paid player on the squad.

An unattainable figure for any team after the huge hole that has caused the pandemic which has emptied throughout the season 2020 / 2021 football stadiums. And it is that the set of investment in its staff only in the payment of payroll by PSG is well above clubs such as Real Madrid or FC Barcelona. So much so, that the French club will dedicate 44 million more than the whole of Chamartín in his first team and 75 , 3 million more than what FC Barcelona will dedicate.

The highest paid footballers from PSG, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona In the case of Real Madrid, the white team will have to invest 238, 2 million euros gross to pay the salaries of the footballers of the first team. All this without counting on the salary cut that the whole of Chamartín has applied due to the pandemic. The highest paid footballer of the white team is Belgian Eden Hazard, with a total of 25 million euros gross per season.

For its part, FC Barcelona will invest 207, 1 million euros this year to keep his first team squad. After Messi’s departure to PSG, the highest paid player is Antoine Griezmann, with a gross salary of 25, 5 million euros per campaign.

Economic viability This measure clashes squarely with the financial ‘fair play’, a measure imposed by UEFA with which it is intended to ensure the economic viability of the football clubs. Now, as the French lawyer Juan Branco has pointed out, who leads a complaint from a group of FC Barcelona partners to the European Commission, “the financial ratios of PSG, as shown by their financial accounts, met in the season 2019 – 2020 a relationship between wages and income of 99%, well above 70% authorized by the National League and UEFA. PSG projected in June , for the season 2021 – 2022 , between and 300 million euros of losses. This was before Messi’s signing. ” “Those losses could reach 500 million if PSG did not meet its goals announced to the league to sell players for an amount close to 180 million euros this season ” , says the lawyer.

The French league turns a blind eye The French league would have decided to postpone until 2023 the application of the rules of financial ‘fair play’ between their clubs . As Branco explained in Onda Cero, the reason is “to do a favor to PSG and Qatar, which organizes the World Cup in 2022”. The Parisian club is owned by Qatar Sports Investments (QSi), a group led by Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, president of PSG. From LaLiga nacional, its president, Javier Tebas, has been shown on several occasions against the State clubs, something in which PSG and Manchester City are characterized.


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