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ProtonVPN Apk – Free VPN Program

Download ProtonVPN: Free VPN software for Windows computers

Note: In order to use the ProtonVPN service, you need to create a free user account at this address:

After selecting the FREE section on the page, you need to set a username and password, and then enter your e-mail address. Then you need to click the “Send” button to send a verification code to your e-mail address, enter the code in the message sent to your e-mail address and start your membership. After downloading the program, you can use ProtonVPN by entering your username and password.

ProtonVPN can be defined as a banned website or VPN program that allows users to surf the Internet securely and unhindered .

Download ProtonVPN Free VPN Program

ProtonVPN, which is a free access tool to download and use on your computers , is a service that uses OpenVPN infrastructure. The program basically directs the data traffic you make on the internet to a computer in different geographic location and allows you to surf the internet as if you were connecting to the internet from this different geographic computer. In this way, you can bypass region restrictions and internet censorship, and access blocked sites such as Wikipedia.

ProtonVPN’s free service has certain restrictions. Fortunately, there is no data transfer limit among these restrictions. So you can surf with ProtonVPN without worrying about the quota. However, ProtonVPN’s free service has a speed limit, users are offered few server options and P2P (torrent) file transfers are not supported. However, ProtonVPN is a reliable and useful tool if you want to access banned and region restricted sites.

Download ProtonVPN – Free VPN Program