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«Property in the top of Europe. Zaccagni? Not even the Roma president would have warned him “

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Another satisfying evening for the Lazio Of Sarri and the coach does not hide in the post-match: «It’s never easy when you meet teams in full battle for salvation. We have been good and patient. Probably the ball should have moved faster in the first half. After the 1-0 we were not good at closing the game. By not doing it, you run that risk at the last second on a ball thrown in from 50 meters ». Three fundamental points ensured by a defense that is now more and more iron: «Tactically we are more orderly and this facilitates the defensive phase. The line is more protected and therefore we have gained more solidity and being more solid games like tonight you can win them without problems. Three months ago this match would have been more difficult ». A 1-0 that doesn’t actually show exactly what his team has created, but the Commander is fine as follows: «I am of the idea that if a team plays well in most cases it wins. Tonight I am pleased with the result, but also with the performance. It could have become a very difficult game with little attention. Sorry it ended 1-0 because there was room for winning with a greater gap ».

Sarri: “Not even the president of Rome would have warned Zaccagni”

The only negative news was the yellow to Zaccagni, definitely exaggerated for the coach: «I reviewed the images ten minutes ago and there is contact. Then I am of the opinion that not all contacts are rigor, but simulation seemed to me really too much. It was a collision between knee and thigh. I’m not saying it was a penalty, but no simulation. I don’t know what Zaccagni did to the referee class. With Naples he suffered seven fouls and the first one he did was warned. Tonight I think that even if he had refereed the president of Rome he would have given the yellow card ». After the bitter morsel of the disqualification of the former Hellas Sarri, he enjoys a team in full European racing that has not yet abandoned the Champions dream: «I have always said that we weren’t able to play three games a week and the numbers show it. We have an average of 2.1 points without the Europa League and 0.60 without. The math says we left about ten points. Playing on Thursday is not like playing on Tuesday and Wednesday and in fact those who played on Thursday this weekend did not win. For me it is an exaggeration to play after 72 hours ». And he continues: «Right now the Champions League shouldn’t be of interest to us, it’s too far a goal to be credible. Let’s forget this for now, then if someone faints, let’s see. The numbers of the last three months show that we are lacking little, perhaps nothing, compared to the first four. Then it is clear that the ranking is lacking throughout the season and we pay heavily for the ups and downs, especially after the Europa League ».

Sarri on the derby: “Anyone who gets there quiet is a fool, but the environment feels this game too much”

Now comes the derby, a game felt a little too much by the environment according to the Commander: «In my opinion the two fans give it too much importance. I understand that it is a particular match, but you have to do well throughout the season, but here an exasperated importance is given. Anyone who arrives calmly and calmly at a derby is a fool. There is a different atmosphere, something that gets into your skin. Let us arrive at it with clear tension since it is not possible without tension. We will do our best for our fans ». Faced with will undoubtedly be a difficult team to face and angry with Udine’s equal: «Roma are a strong team and in the January market they have strengthened further. He is an opponent of the highest level, but the derby is relatively important as it is a separate match ». His Lazio comes to us aware of their own means, with the players increasingly passionate about the new tactical dictates: «I’m trying to create a team that plays according to my ideas while respecting the characteristics of the players. The guys are getting very passionate and now they have a good participation in the tactical discussions. This makes me happy ». And again: «At the moment, having a week at our disposal, we are working on the details. The team is shorter and manages to limit the opponents’ counterattacks, but it is an improvement that has come in the last three months. Sometimes if they come to press us we are happier than when we find teams waiting for us ».

Sarri: «Real estate player of absolute value. The memory of Pino Wilson is very touching “

Finally, there is room for individuals. We start with Immobile, now a record holder also for the goals scored in Serie A with the Lazio shirt: “It’s a pity that for a few centimeters they probably canceled out his best Serie A goal of the year. Since he found his natural habitat , that is Lazio, has become a world-class striker, in numbers they play with the greatest goalscorers in circulation, they are European champions: what are we talking about? He is an absolute level player ». Excellent sensations also for Lazzari’s return to the field one month after the injury: «Manuel is fine. He has only trained with us in the last two days. I was letting him in at the beginning of the second half but I changed my mind. In the end Patric went into difficulty and had a little problem and I entered it. During the week we will evaluate ». Leiva also did well, back to the levels of the past: «Lucas Leiva is much better than in the first months of the season, but Milinkovic and Luis Alberto are also helping more than before. Therefore it is a collective growth ». Finally, the closing on Pino Wilson, honored several times during the evening: «Wilson’s memory was moving. During the minute of recollection, I remembered what he did for this club and this audience by running on that field. It was a touching moment ».