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Property better than Piola, heavy yellow for Zaccagni

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Lazio-Venezia 1-0 with a decisive goal from a penalty by Immobile, the report cards of the Olimpico match

STRAKOSHA 6 All in all a quiet evening for the goalkeeper who, except for some routine intervention, can easily cover the victory of his teammates.

PATRIC 7 Fight like a lion from start to finish and never save, running up and down on the right wing like a madman. (33 ‘st Lazzari 6: returns after a long absence due to injury)

LUIZ FELIPE 7 He is the shadow of Nsame, the only one from Venezia who seems capable of creating problems but who is literally canceled. He gets the rigor of the advantage.

ACERBI 6.5 Attentive and determined, he places himself behind without letting anyone pass. He allows himself the luxury of some forward descents.

HYSAJ 6.5 With such a front-wheel drive Lazio he prefers to guard the defense without running any risk.

MILINKOVIC 6.5 Usual performance of great substance, plays with the naturalness of those who know they are stronger. Touch the goal on a free kick.

LEIVA 6.5 drowns the maneuver of Venice its birth and always tries to restart Lazio. In this moment, his presence is essential.

LUIS ALBERTO 6.5 By now he plays in the service of his teammates with great generosity and stubbornness. A few too many mistakes in front of goal but that’s okay. (39 ‘st Basic, sv)

ANDERSON 7 It’s in the evening as for some races now: at 13 ‘the defense gets drunk and earns a precious punishment. Too bad for the goal that devours itself in the 33rd minute but he is the only drawback.

PROPERTY 8 Give Anderson a ball to kiss that the Brazilian devours himself. With his goal (number 21 in the league) he overtakes Piola, Vlahovic, Roma and Atalanta. Unstoppable.

ZACCAGNI 6 Willing and reactive, he always looks for one against but, despite the referee’s warning, he gets a yellow card for having accentuated the fall in the area and will miss Roma. (26 ‘st Pedro 6: prefers not to force).

SARRI 7 A performance of the character of his Lazio that presents itself in the derby with an advantage over Rome and with many certainties in attack and defense.

Last updated: Monday 14 March 2022, 22:45