Princess Charlotte's dance, Lady Diana's karaoke: what to remember from Prince William's moving interview

Princess Charlotte’s dance, Lady Diana’s karaoke: what to remember from Prince William’s moving interview, The Duke of Cambridge gave himself up to rare confidences about his relatives and his childhood in the podcast “Prince William: Time to Walk”. An interview signed by Apple Fitness +, the content of which will be posted on Monday, December 6.

To the ‘evocation of Lady Diana , deceased in 1995, on prince William could not hold back his tears. The Duke of Cambridge has indeed delivered moving confidences in the podcast “Prince William: Time to Walk” , recorded in February and signed Apple Fitness +. During this interview, which will be broadcast on Monday, December 6, but whose content has been revealed by the Daily Mail , the husband of Kate Middleton evoked some childhood memories. Among them, the multiple karaoke he once did in the car, with his mother, Lady Diana, and his brother, Prince Harry.

“One of the songs I remember the more (…) and which I still secretly love today, it is The Best , of Tina Turner, he revealed, his throat tight. When I sat in the back seat and sang, it was a real family time for me. ” Before continuing: “My mother drove and sang at the top of her voice. Even the security guard who accompanied us in the car sometimes sang with us. We sang and listened to music right in front of the school gates where they dropped us off. ”

On video, in 2009, Prince William sang “Livin ‘On a Prayer” with Taylor Swift “I followed her like a puppy” Unparalleled singer, the Duke of Cambridge also remembered the concert during which Taylor Swift took him on stage, in November 2013, on the occasion of a charity gala. He then gave voice alongside the singer and Bon Jovi. The Duke of Cambridge would first have taken his place in the audience of the latter’s concert, near Taylor Swift. “I still didn’t know what to expect (…) After Jon’s first song, he paused and she turned to me. She put her hand on my arm and said, “Come on, William. Let’s go sing.” (…) I followed her like a puppy (…) »All three then sang the title Livin ‘On a Prayer in front of a dumbfounded audience.

Princess Charlotte’s “Waka Waka” A passion for singing that would also have inherited his own children, Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3. “Almost every morning Charlotte and George argue over which song we’re going to listen to,” the 39 -year-old prince said . Before adding: “One of the ones that kids love right now is Waka Waka , by Shakira (…) Charlotte, in particular, runs around the kitchen in a leotard when she hears it. She goes completely mad, and Louis follows her, trying to imitate her movements. It’s a very happy time during which the children just enjoy dancing, joking and singing. ”

Helicopter rides The opportunity for Prince William to go back to his own childhood memories with his father. He spoke of the helicopter trips he once made alongside Prince Charles, when he was barely 4 years old. Rides that instilled in him the desire to become a pilot. “I could talk about theft for hours, he said enthusiastically. When I was little I was lucky enough to go out with my dad a few times in a Wessex, a very, very old helicopter that no longer flies. And I could sit in the front. ” Before continuing: “At the time, I did not realize how much it had marked me, but I really loved it.” In January 2009, Prince William joined the Royal Air Force, before becoming a helicopter pilot for an air ambulance service. First loves Elizabeth’s grandson He also remembered another father figure who marked his life: that of his former father-in-law, Ian Craig. In 39, the Duke of Cambridge was staying at the Craig’s ranch in Kenya. The father of his first love, Jecca, would then have made him aware of the protection of flora and fauna. “I had such an incredible experience there, where I saw Ian chase an elephant so that I could research it,” he exclaimed. I had to have 16, 17 years.” An episode that will sign the beginnings of its lasting commitment to the protection of endangered species.

To listen to: the editorial podcast “I felt the world was dying” Prince William also broached a subject that was even less light: the depressive episode he would have gone through in 2017, after having rescued a child victim of a serious car accident. He was then a helicopter pilot for an air ambulance service. “I felt like the whole world was dying,” he recalled.