Prince William played a part in the Queen's decision for Andrew – RB

Prince William played a role in the Queen’s decision for Andrew – RB

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Prince William has played a role in the Queen’s decision for Andrea – RB

Prince William played a role in the Queen’s decision for Andrea – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Prince William played a role in the Queen’s decision for Andrea – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Prince William played a role in the Queen’s decision for Andrew – RB

Regina Elisabetta, chi sono i suoi 10 pronipoti Queen Elizabeth, who are her 10 great-grandchildren The Prince William had an important and decisive role in the choice of Queen Elizabeth to deprive Andrea of ​​military titles. Some internal sources from the Palazzo have stated that the future King, second in line of succession to the Throne, deliberately “kicked out” him Uncle Andrea . A clear sign of its growing importance within the Royal Family, but not only. The Queen listened to and followed William’s advice, which proved essential to protect the Crown from a scandal.

Prince William, the key role in Queen Elizabeth’s decision

Since Harry and Meghan chose to leave the Royal Family and after the disappearance of Prince Philip in 2021, for William and Kate is the time to shine and to collect their “legacy”: the commitments to the Crown have grown. The popularity index of the English people towards the eldest son of Charles and Lady Diana has grown considerably, and so has that of Kate Middleton.

And it is no coincidence that, shortly before the announcement of Buckingham Palace, William and Queen Elizabeth met to discuss Prince Andrew. The latter, by now, has been deprived of military titles, has lost his home for 30 millions of dollars and will not play any public role. In addition, he will defend himself as a private citizen during the lawsuit filed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who accused him of abusing her when she was a minor.

Queen Elizabeth has the utmost confidence in William and Kate

Prior to the official announcement, the Sun had revealed that the Palace was closing in an unusual silence: now, it sounds like what precedes a storm. William and Carlo were “furious” with Andrea, and it is in the first that the Queen has chosen to place the utmost trust. It shouldn’t surprise us: Elizabeth knows the future of the Monarchy is in good hands with William and Kate.

The decision to cut ties with Andrea is not unexpected, and is followed by a statement: “With the approval and agreement of the Queen, they were revoked from the Duke of York all military titles and royal patrons that were returned to the Queen. The Duke of York will continue not to participate in any public event and will defend himself in this case as a private citizen “.

Andrea’s fate as an exile

Over the last few weeks, the first rumors of Prince Andrew’s exile had been chasing each other, later sealed by the announcement of Buckingham Palace. Always known to be the “favorite son” of Elizabeth , the latter now knows that she can no longer defend him. He won’t let any emotion, no feeling, leak out. The Queen is a daughter of other times, but above all her devotion to the Crown has never been questioned.

The Queen had no “mercy”: the Monarchy always comes first. The only ones who are staying by their father’s side are daughters Beatrice and Eugenia: a source said they claim his innocence and that he does not deserve everything that is happening. It remains to understand Sarah Ferguson’s position towards her ex-husband, but one thing is certain: Andrea has been officially exiled from the Royal Family, and will hardly be able to resume the commitments of the past.