Prime 6 charcoal premium sustainable 9lb

Prime 6 Charcoal is high quality charcoal. Lights with no sparking or excessive smoke. I was really impressive well it held temp. After a 2.5 hour cook I had plenty of prime 6 left for several more cooks and there was barely any ash.

Prime 6 charcoal premium sustainable 9lb reviews

Prime 6 charcoal premium sustainable 9lb reviews

Prime 6 charcoal premium sustainable 9lb reviews

Product User – Gabriel: He says; This is a very unique form of “charcoal” that is made from compressed, carbonized sawdust. It’s meant to be a more eco-friendly version of the usual briquettes. That’s where the cool part ends, at least for someone used to using regular briquettes!

It’s a bit hard to find the instructions from among all of the other stuff printed on the box, and sure enough, I missed ’em until I’d already started the fire. I did notice a panel suggesting three different fuel-less starting methods, but since I wasn’t and never will be interested in waiting an hour to start barbecuing, I tried to light them the same way I’d do any other kind of coals. I sprayed them down with good old-fashioned lighter fluid and flicked my Bic.

Fifteen minutes later, I had…nothing. The fire of the fluid had gone out completely and the grill was now cold to the touch. Frustrated, I got out some real charcoal briquettes, threw them in with these, re-sprayed it all, and flicked my Bic again.

THEN I had some action. Fifteen minutes after the re-do, the real charcoal was going great guns. Unfortunately, even with all of that heat now present, these Prime 6 sticks were – with the exception of just two of them – still stone out. I would rate this product a zero, but I figure that some people who are used to the “chimney starting method” may have better luck.

I have no experience with that, and since regular charcoal has always worked great for me, I wasn’t interested in fooling around trying to figure it out now.

Speaking of those instructions, they say to break these into 2.5-inch blocks. These come as extremely long, multi-sided sticks. It would be a big hassle to try to break them to that small of a size. The smallest I got one was about 4 inches. Below that, it’d be hard to get the needed leverage.

I really find it irksome when a company is too lazy to make its product be the right size, right out of the box

Product User – Leslie: She says; This was the most disappointing thing I’ve ever bought. It simply would not light – even after 45 minutes it hadn’t lit. My side dishes had long been ready. I had to bring my chicken in off the grill, raw, and cook it quickly in the microwave.

When I bought it I expected it to come with instructions on how to ignite it, if special means were necessary. It came with no instructions at all. I normally use an electric charcoal lighter, which gives me perfect coals in about 25-30 minutes.

But, as I mentioned, after 45 minutes there was no heat or flame at all. There were some residual pieces of charcoal in the grill from my previous use, and those were perfectly lit. I’m so glad that I only bought the small size first to try it out instead of spending even more money for the larger size.

Product User – Marco: he says; Box says 8-10 minutes to light. We stacked them “pagoda style” as it shows and lit a few tumbleweed starters under it.

After that did not get the Prime 6 going we put a few chunks of lump charcoal in the chimney starter and added the Prime 6 logs and lit the paper underneath. The lump charcoal lit, of course, however 40 minutes later the prime 6 logs were still black and barely hot.

We gave up and went with lump charcoal on the grill. About an hour later the Prime 6 was finally lit in the chimney and went ahead and added it. When done cooking we cut off the air. They continued to burn until gone. These are a pain in the @$$ to light and do not go out.

Don’t count on 9lbs being equivalent to 30lbs, but rather 9lbs at best. Maybe we got a bad box (?). Be sure to have a backup supply of traditional lump charcoal on hand.