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Presidents Run Download Apk React! Games

World leaders are competing! The upcoming US presidential elections are of course arousing great curiosity all over the world, especially the USA. A record turnout is expected, especially given the political turmoil the US is in.

On the other hand, we want to deal with the fun side of the business as always. Presidents Run Download Apk React! Games;

Presidents Run Download Apk min

Today we will introduce you to a classic platform running game, but the interesting part will be the characters, not the gameplay of the game.

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Presidents Run is a game where we try to collect votes in these runs by running platform runs with names such as Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Moreover, Vladimir Putin, Jacinda Ardern and Kim Jong-Un are also among the characters you can choose.

Your character runs automatically. All you have to do is advance and collect votes without any obstacles. The more votes you get, the stronger your hand in the presidential race.

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There is no guidance other than touching the screen and holding it for a long time. These two moves already allow for short and long distance jumps.


Why I loved it?

  •  Cities and landscapes also change according to the character you choose.
  •  You can play with past characters such as Washington and Lincoln as well as current names. Moreover, as a zombie!
  • By customizing the characters, you can add enhancements to each of them with different outfits.

Let Us Tell Without You Asking!

How much space does it take on my phone?

140 MB

Is there a Global language option?


Is there an in-app purchase?


Is it necessary to log in to use it?



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