Possible transfer of health training to Catalonia

The opposition harshly criticizes the transfer of the Mir of the doctors The central government is studying with the Generalitat of Catalonia the transfer of Specialized Health Training (FSE) to Catalonia. The coalition government would thus carry out one of the points it raised in the progressive coalition agreement between the PSOE and United We Can . As reported by The World , this issue was addressed during the meeting of the Bilateral Commission between the Generalitat of Catalonia and the State. The Government and Generalitat will begin a work table from October to study the viability of the transfer.

In the document they proposed, within point 9, aimed at updating the Autonomous State, transferring to the Generalitat the powers of management of “specialized health training” or “university scholarships” , competences recognized in the Statute Catalan. In addition, the coalition raised in that document the transfer of powers in maritime salvage, labor legislation in matters of labor, employment and vocational training.

Criticisms of the opposition The PP harshly criticized that the Government is willing to study the transfer of Specialized Health Training (FSE). The PP spokesperson in the congress, Cuca Gamarra, warned that the MIR cannot be “the currency of the independence movement “. For this reason, he has urged the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, to offer explanations in Congress.

For his part, the Deputy Secretary General for Citizens, Edmundo Bal, accused the Government on Wednesday of “chopping up” the training of doctors when studying the transfer to Catalonia of the management of the MIR instead of taking measures to stop the “dismantling of the State” in this community.


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