Ponytail Romantic boho hairstyle İmpossible! Easy Hairstyle Try For You Romantic boho hairstyle From RockedBuzz

So we keep here the hairstyle that you liked.
Honestly, I’m in love with her myself 💕

First, weave two braids from the forehead and connect them with an elastic band.

The remaining tail is divided exactly in half. And we fix both halves with clamps.
In the next step, we draw the hair from the temple into a regular pigtail until the moment when it reaches our tail.
It is important that the lower braid runs parallel to the upper.
Then we begin to make pickups on one side of the loose hair in the ponytail.

The most difficult thing here is to observe symmetry.
Similarly, we braid the second side and connect everything with an elastic band.

I hid the elastic under my hair, watch this moment in the video.
But this is not obligatory.
We decorated the hairstyle with a flower from 💕If there is a lot of hair, and they are thick and long, you can make another row. We didn’t have enough😄

We are waiting for your 💕, questions, suggestions, criticism, admiration and just smiles in the comments.

And know, you are always beautiful!
With braids, ponytails, and especially with a morning racket on his head😘😘😘

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