Ponytail Hairstyles and Ideas for 2021

Half ponytail is a single hairstyle that never goes out of style. We have 40 different ideas about how you can make this look for yourself, including short hair, medium, longer locks, or natural hair you usually wear in afro or corn fields. You can shake this versatile and stylish hairstyle for formal and fancy events or make it more comfortable. Our recommendations make it easy.

A ponytail is a hairstyle in which some, most or all of the hair on the head is pulled away from the face, gathered and secured at the back of the head with a hair tie, clip, or other similar device and allowed to hang freely from that point. It gets its name from its resemblance to the tail of a pony. Wikipedia

The half pony is a way to draw attention to your face and also show some beautiful flowing locks. Shape loose curls with a flat iron and make the front of your hair a pony. Here are the best examples we have encountered on Instagram.

# 1: Long Brown Hair With High Ponytail

Avoid too smoothly and excessively combining your hair by twisting your hair and then passing your fingers with a texturizing product. Separate the ponytail from the middle so it falls on both sides of your head. So beautiful!

# 2: Braided Boho Locks

This is great for thick hair because it’s a look that requires a lot of hair to prevent it from looking too straight. This look offers the perfect blend of colors, textures and lines.

# 3: Sexy White-Blonde Braid

Long hair is sexy and feminine, but people with short and medium length hair can get the same vibe using a weave. Try to get natural human hair and avoid glue as it can damage natural hair. Clips are fun if you’re not sure if you really want to handle them. Just wear false strands on both sides and cover them with your own hair.

# 4: High Ponytail

It’s time to win your charm with a high pony with polished polished waves. After adding some waves, squeeze the roots, make a perfect fluffy shape and pull the top half of your hair back through the hairpin.

# 5: Gravel Pony

Meet the half ponytail that will make you the coolest girl in the block. Pebble pony spunky, flirting and fun. The key to getting a look like this is to start your pony from the middle of your head, leaving free flowing wires around.

# 6: Beachy Half Ponytail

A calm, loose approach is what you will get when you choose a loose curly half hairstyle. Ideal for running things or for brunch, this hairstyle consists of three hair sections that are knotted together and curled at the ends. It also works great for short locks. Super simple, super cute.

# 7: Messy Half Ponytail

Hair no-frills approach is definitely a huge trend these days. But instead of choosing a messy bun, try it halfway down the ponytail. If your hair is a little curly or tangled, you don’t have to worry – this will really make it look better!

# 8: Bardot Pony

Half ponytail hairstyles like this are classic thanks to the beauty icon Brigitte Bardot. The fluffy ponytail straightens most face shapes, so almost anyone can try it for a special occasion. You will have to kick back and make a needle so that your hair will have the body.

# 9: Soft Half Up Ponytail

Another madness that all fiery celebrities are wearing nowadays. To complete, you can go with wavy or straight hair, be sure to make your pony high, high, high! And don’t forget to add a dazzling bright detail like brooch. A brooch on the hair is a new trend.

# 10: Jet Black Pony

Although it looks very similar to the driver, this design is a little more stylish and stylish, making it ideal for a wedding or a big night out. If you have bangs, it will be easier to create a sophisticated moment of beauty.

# 11: Gigi Hadid inspired ponytail.

This is a perfect half ponytail for ladies with super long locks. It’s a very easy pony to recreate, as it looks best when shaking your natural hair texture. Supermodel Gigi Hadid has been spotted with this hair.

# 12: Casual Half Up Ponytail

Do you have an ombre? If so, this is for you. After pulling back the top part of your hair, you will want to add the elastic band to where it began to change its color. By doing this, you emphasize different shades.

# 13: Official Half Ponytail

Updos is great for a super formal relationship, but if you want to stand out in a crowd full of them, try an official half. You can make your pony curly or wavy to get a stunning look.

# 14: Midi Half Up, Half Down

Not too high, not too low, half pony ponytail gives you the best of both worlds. Brilliant colors for even careless hairstyles give even better results! If you have long bangs, you can include them in your ponytail or leave them out to frame your face.

# 15: Glam Ponytail

Who doesn’t love a little optical illusion when it comes to beauty? Although it looks like a big pony, it is not. You will get more magic by attaching and growing your wires. It is very suitable for a club night.

# 16: Twisted Pony

When you come up with something as simple as this, your hair will be jealous of everyone in the room. Two or three topsy ponytail sets look fresh, but the basic style is as old as the world. Your beach waves will shine!

# 17: Grande Ponytail

Combine your half ponytail with pompadour to officially see the half ponytail. Touchable, soft blond waves are very feminine and attractive.

# 18: Make Half Up Curly

Bride’s gaze can be a bit serious at times. Add a fun factor with loose curls and twists. Let your bulge be flawed. It looks beautiful and effortless!

# 19: Half French Braid Ponytail

Update this classic French braid by making it the focal point of half-bulge. Just create the braid on one side and blend it into your pony. If you have straight hair, add some curls for a curious look.

# 20: Gorgeous Bride Pony

Feast your eyes on the perfect semi-ponytail. Twisted strands on the sides raise an ordinary ponytail, and the added jewel hairpin offers the perfect amount of romance for your big day.

# 21: Mod Ponytail

Travel back in time with this style. A great way to size straight hair is simply to comb the front of your hair back and then use bobby pins and hair spray to create a sweet half pony that blends perfectly with free flowing locks.

# 22: Romantic Half Pony

Here is romance screaming and an incredibly easy to complete super cute half-up ponytail. Please choose an exact appointment night. You should start by curling and selling your hair a little. Then, pull the sections above the ears and bring them directly behind your head. Finish by tying it with a tape and a red ribbon.

# 23: Classic Bridesmaid Ponytail

If you are a wedding party and really want to make a statement, look no further than this fold. You can just curl your locks, pull a low pony and add some bling. A soft and elegant showtopper.

# 24: Honey Blonde Tail Tail Look

Fishtail keeps your style because it’s an easy way to make your look ultra cool. Cut a third of your hair above your head and wrap it with a hair tie. Then make this part fish tail until you get to the middle of your head. Finish the braid with another hair tie. This works best with naturally released hair due to its good texture addition. You can use a french braid for this look.

# 25: Curled Look with Bangs

Curls are so perfect that they look almost fake – use a lot of hairspray and a large and small curling iron. Divide your bangs in half and curl them out using a large curling iron. Use bobby pins to fix stray curves on your head, so they wrap up seamlessly and the half ponytail blends into your hairstyle.

# 26: Ombre Curly Style

Ombre is still in trend and this is a new way to wear it. Create only large curls all over your head. If you have shorter hair, use a smaller curling iron. Use an elastic to tie your curly ponytail, and then wrap the bottom with a fine strand. For this cute look, the pony should be quite high on your head.

# 27: Mature, Puffy Style

If you want a more elegant and mature look, this is the style so that you can take you from the office to an official event. This looks great in any length. For extra complexity, wrap an inch of hair around the headband to mask it.

# 28: Long Blonde Hair with Bump and Shiny Clip

Instant volume level is yours with this stylish multiplication. You can use a product like Bump-It, or you can count on return and a lot of hairspray. Either way, you get a great high lift. Make your half ponytail special by adding a sparkling clip or bow.

# 29: Complex Puffy Hair for Highlighted Hair

Take a look at the traditional look by adding a complex design. Cut the top of your hair into three parts, the middle part being the widest. Put the middle part in the ponytail. Then tie the first and third parts on both sides of your head to create the perfect complex loop.

# 30: Princess-Like Style For Long Thick Hair

This princess-worthy style gives the curled design a unique look with its smooth back crown and high ponytail. If your hair is not too long, you can try using woven or fake hair for this look. Wrap a strand around the ponytail to provide extra height.

# 31: Simple Style Dyed For Second-Day Hair

Are you growing the paint job? This look is a new favorite among half ponytail hairstyles. It is shiny and a little messy, so the second day is perfect for hair. Basically cut half of your hair and tape again. Free your natural waves.

# 32: Blonde Sexy Dating Style

If you want to look cute and innocent, this look is perfect for you. Add soft curls using a curling iron or naturally calm curly hair using a care product. Crush curls with mousse. Using a simple black headband, pull half of your hair up and pull your hair gently to push it to the top of your head.

# 33: Ginger Highlights With Side Bangs

This look is versatile and works well with bangs. Put half of your hair in a ponytail as usual and hit it on the side of your head to keep them neat. Highlights or ombre work really well with this semi-mixed look.

# 34: Brunette Prom Hairstyle

The prom season is always an exciting time. You want smooth, easy-to-straighten hair if you deal with all those dances. Put your hair behind your ear without relying on anything other than a curling iron and headband, and then make sure that your half ponytail is in the middle of your head. Use a wrap to mask the headband.

# 35: Loose Messy Hairstyle for Dyed Hair

Carefree days require hairstyles that do not require much effort. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, let it go. If you have straight hair, wash your hair at night and knit or twist to wake up to beautiful heat-free curls. This is great if you have highlights or highlights that you are really proud of.

# 36: Fast Old Hollywood Style

This soft, feminine look resembles the old Hollywood charm. If you have a larger face shape, this will attract attention thanks to the raised height of the hill, which will visually extend the face. Go for relaxed waves or soften your natural curls.

# 37: Bright Twisted Look

Put your own bend in the semi-ponytail, creating a low ponytail and twisting around it. Curl your hair towards the tip of the middle shaft. This low pony relaxes and does well for day or night.

# 38: Uniform Black Hair

Natural hair is very beautiful, but it is often difficult to manage. This half ponytail shows the mirror-like elegance of comfortable black hair with balayage highlights. Use a fine-toothed comb to cut your hair into a third of your head and wrap this part tightly over the top of your head. Soften baby hair using a toothbrush.

# 39: High Curly ‘Do for dark hair

This peculiar ponytail looks great on the sharp side. Create defined curls using a moisturizing product for your fingers and natural or curly hair, or use a wide-barreled curling iron for straight hair. Add hairspray and tape your hair tightly. You should look like you have two big curls on either side of the ponytail.

# 40: Glitter Style For Concerts And Parties

Scroll diamonds. Glitter is truly a girl’s best friend. Bring half a ponytail with glitter to take it to parties and concerts. Sprinkle around your crown and the rest of your hair.

Half ponytail works for day, night, office and birthday party, and they look great with all types of hair. Access your pony with fun clips or embellished headbands for a new look! Make sure to keep it healthy and healthy by softening and moisturizing your hair. This way, you will be rewarded with locks that are always ready to try something new!


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