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Polls: Joe Biden jumps while Donald Trump slumps

Polls: Joe Biden jumps while Donald Trump slumps
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Polls: Joe Biden jumps while Donald Trump slumps

President Joe Biden‘s approval ratings are soaring, after a summer filled with legislative wins few predicted, and policy initiatives pundits declared would harm him but have helped the country, and the President’s poll numbers as a result.

NBC News reports Donald Trump‘s approval among registered voters now sits at just 34%, and President Joe Biden at 45%. Usually, over time, former presidents’ approval ratings go up, but not Trump’s. With just 20% of those polled rating him very positive and another 14% merely positive (34% total) it’s Trump’s lowest over a year.

President Biden’s approval is his best since last October, an 11-month high.

“Democrats have pulled even with Republicans ahead of November’s midterm elections, fueled by six in 10 voters who disapprove of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade; President Joe Biden’s approval rating improving to its highest mark since October; and by Donald Trump’s favorability rating dropping to its lowest point in more than a year,” NBC News adds.

Donald Trump, under at least four criminal investigations, isn’t an announced candidate yet.

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