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Poll: Döner kebab topples currywurst as dominant fast food in Germany

origin 1A person holds a Doner Kebab. Poll: Doner kebab topples currywurst as dominant fast food in Germany. Patrick Pleul/dpa Zentralbild/ZB

In sausage-loving Germany, currywurst has just received a major blow, as the majority of people in a recent survey said they prefer döner kebabs when it comes to fast food.

When asked to decide between currywurst and döner, a roll filled with shaved meat from giant slabs said to have been invented by Turkish guest workers, about 45 percent of adults opted for the döner, according to a representative survey by pollsters. You gov.

About 37% said they preferred currywurst, minced slices of sausage – usually pork – drowned in a curry-flavored ketchup sauce and often served with fries.

Meanwhile, 15% of respondents said they disliked either of the two fast food classics sold in every corner of the nation.

There’s a clear age gap when it comes to fast food, the survey showed, with the majority of respondents over the age of 55 preferring currywurst. Among those aged between 18 and 24, however, 57% opted for the döner.

Women, meanwhile, also overwhelmingly chose döner over currywurst, with 47% saying they prefer the wrap, while men still prefer currywurst by a small margin of 43% to 42%.