We tell you for those who do not know how to do the PUBG Mobile Server Change. In this way, you will change the server settings in 2020 – 2021.

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PUBG Mobile Server Switching Process

Change Server in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Server Replacement Operations will begin to change with the new season. Players will no longer be able to change their servers as quickly as before. On the news of this, those who have different servers are wondering how these processes are done to choose their main server. How to Change the PUBG Mobile Server with the latest version? We give the answer to the question. In this way, you will be able to choose the server you want to play in the game and change it.

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Change Server in PUBG Mobile

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Servers that provide globalism in online games also provide the experience of players to play games with people in their own geography. Thanks to the servers, you can more easily get along with the players in your region and compete at their levels. Not everyone can compete with very advanced players in countries like China and Korea. But you can learn the game better with intermediate players in servers like Europe. We answer all your questions about PUBG Mobile Server Switch.

What is PUBG Mobile Server Switch?

Change Server in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Server Switching is the process that allows you to change your chosen server when starting the game with one of the 4 servers in the game. You can increase the “MS” values you receive from the game by selecting the server in your geography. At the same time, you can communicate more easily with people in your own geography and move to professionalism faster.

How PUBG Mobile Server Switching Performs?

Below, we explain the steps you need to do for PUBG Mobile Server Replacement. You can change your server in the game by applying it completely. How to Perform PUBG Mobile Server Switching ?;

  1. Login to the game
  2. Click on the “Server” feature in the main menu,
  3. Select the server you want to change.

By following the simple 3 steps above, you will have implemented the Change Server in PUBG Mobile.

What is PUBG Mobile Server?

Change Server in PUBG Mobile

Since PUBG Mobile Server is a global game, it is a feature developed to ensure that the players who play the game can encounter other players in their geography and benefit from the activities suitable for them. In this way, we can better benefit from the events that will be organized specially for our server. In addition, the servers have a high impact on our performance in the game.

PUBG Mobile Change Server Video

PUBG Mobile Lite Server Switch

The steps you will do for PUBG Mobile Lite Server Switch are a little different than what I explained above. Again, we ask you to follow the steps below completely.

  • Come to the World Chat feature in the game,
  • Click on option 2 from the options to join a team / lobby,
  • Choose an appropriate lobby from the server you want to change,

Although the above 3 steps seem complicated, it is a process you can do for PUBG Mobile Lite Server Switch.

PUBG Mobile Which is the Best Server?

Change Server in PUBG Mobile

There is actually no such thing as the best when choosing a PUBG Mobile Server. But the best option for you would be to choose the server in your own geography. The reason for this is that you can ensure that your “MS” values in the game are also the best performance.

If a player playing PUBG Mobile chooses the North American server instead of Europe, the MS values will increase. This causes breaks, freezes and which in the game.

How Long Does PUBG Mobile Server Switch Time? (How many days)

Change Server in PUBG Mobile

You have to make a very good decision for PUBG Mobile Server Switch. You will no longer be able to constantly switch servers as before. Now, after switching servers, you will have to wait 90 days before you can switch again.