For those who have encountered the Phone Bluetooth Turns On On Its Own problem, we fix this problem. The Bug solutions We Share are valid for every device. It is seen in mobile smart devices with Android operating system in 2020-2021.

It includes turning the Bluetooth feature on the phone automatically and reactivating after being turned off. We have produced solutions for the Bluetooth Self-On Problem seen in today’s Mobile Phones or Tablets. You can get rid of the problem by applying these solutions.

How To Fix: Phone Bluetooth Turns On On Its Own

We have prepared a guide for all brand and model phone users who encounter the Phone Bluetooth Self-Turning Problem. Hundreds of different methods have been described on forum sites and many Internet sites dealing with this error. We have brought together the most useful of all these methods. In this way, you will be able to easily find the most accurate method that will solve you when you encounter the problem of Phone Bluetooth Self-Switching.

How to solve Bluetooth automatically turns on in redmi phone


In this video , I showed that how we can solved the problem of Bluetooth automatically turn on problem

After watching this video you will able to turn off the Bluetooth button and it never get turn on after having this setting in your phone..

How to Fix Bluetooth automatically turn on problem

This video help you how to solved automatically Bluetooth ON problem. automatically Bluetooth on watch this video. Bluetooth problem in android.

Bluetooth automatically turning on problem might be occurred either for software glitch or hardware issues. If Bluetooth continuously enables automatically, it will drain the battery as well as start pairing with someone else’s Bluetooth device. So, check out below the steps to solve this problem easily.

  1. 1st Step: Open Location Settings
  2. 2nd Step: Select Device only
  3. 3rd Step: Go to scanning and turn off Bluetooth and wifi scanning
  4. 4th Step: Remove all apps from background

In this way, you could fix Bluetooth Automatically on problem on any android smartphone

Phone Bluetooth Turns On On Its Own Solution:

Phone Bluetooth Turns On On Its Own Solution

Phone Bluetooth Turns On On Its Own Solution Follow the items below in order. If you still have a problem, you can let us know as a comment.