Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu: “When I love people, it's forever”

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu: “When I love people, it’s forever”

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Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu: “When I love people, it’s forever”

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Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu: “When I love people, it’s forever”

In season 2 of Emily in Paris, broadcast on Netflix, the French actress embodies once again Sylvie, the boss of Lily Collins.

After the success of the first season, how is your character evolving?
The audience will discover a Sylvie more destabilized but more determined. She manages this American “invasion” as best she can, and her private life is no exception.

What inspired you to play this character?
Ma mother worked in fashion, at Dior, under the leadership of Marc Bohan , with whom she created jewelry, knitwear and collector’s accessories. So I grew up alongside these kinds of women. It was a pleasure to create a cohesive puzzle of all these fragile and defensive personalities, because in fear of losing their power over time. The competition is very tough.

What is the main trait of your character?
Stubborn, loyal and curious. I love people, and when I love them, it’s forever. Unless they betray me, then there…!

In video, “Emily in Paris” season 2, the trailer

The one you’re the least proud of?
My hardness sometimes, my rough side , my pride and my laziness.

The one you hate in other people?
The abuse of power and manipulation really horrifies me.

Your anti-stress thing?

Massage , sleep and dance.

Your green gesture?

Cycling, buying organic, cook real products , have a fountain filter to avoid plastic bottles, treat me with plants and buy less.

Your motto?

“Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods ”, Socrates.

An adjective that defines you?


On a desert island, what would you take with you?
A knife for me make a hut and cut the mangoes.

The three basics of your wardrobe?

Tod’s boots, jeans APC and a good jacket cut a little curved, like at Barbara Bui.

Any music in your life?

Caetano Veloso, Para semper, which means “forever” in Portuguese.

The accompanying book?

The Ten Inner Commandments, by Yvan Amar.

A meeting that marked you?

My daughter, when she was born

Your luxury?

Silence, emptiness, loneliness .

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Your favorite series?

Succession. A family story caught in infighting for power, it’s Shakespearean and extremely well written, acted and directed.

A city that looks like you?

Rome, where I grew up.

Your Proust madeleine?

Jasmine. A smell that immediately transports me to the South of my childhood and which also reminds me of my mother’s perfume, which I adopted with relish.

Emily in Paris , season 2 , the 22 December on Netflix.