Personalized, technological and very vintage gifts at Zara Home – Decoesfera

To show that making the gift has taken your time and that you have thought about the person who receives the gift, a good idea is to make a personalized gift with the initials of the person who receives the gift. In Zara Home in addition to sheets and towels you can customize tablecloths, napkins, linen bags and even (our favorite) a makeup brush case. In addition to the possibility of including initials in some of its accessories, at Zara Home you can also find very good options for making gifts. The most obvious thing is to think that you can find accessories related to decoration but we have looked for less obvious options such as technological accessories (headphones, turntables or speakers) and the most vintage ones, something in which the Galician firm is an expert. Applying the retro design to things as basic as a razor, or a comb turns the simplest accessory into an object of desire. At home with Juana Pepa @madamejuanapepa Personalized gifts from Zara Home Our favorite is this set of brushes that comes in a makeup case with customization option. Includes 5 synthetic hair brushes made of mango wood, for shadow, base, highlighter and powders. The case is made of natural colored linen with space for each brush. They can be personalized with initials, choosing between two text fonts and two different embroidery colors 46, 99 euros Customizable cotton and linen protective cover (pack of 2) 19, 142 euros Customizable unisex organic terry cotton bathrobe. You can personalize it with a name, message or embroidered initials by 49, 99 euros Customizable linen or cotton napkins with your initials, choosing between two positions to place your text and six different embroidery colors from 3, 99 euros Tech gifts Audio Technica Model ANC Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones 500 BT by 99 , 99 euros BOSK speaker by Röth & Myers, made of wood, with detachable front mesh that includes 2 Woofers made of paper and wool fibers, and 2 Tweeters by 249 euros Audio Technica manual belt drive turntable model AT-LPW 40 WN by 249, 00 euros Instant camera with retro design and easy use, INSTAX MINI 40 FUJIFILM that prints the photos in mini size at the moment in color or black and white, depending on the chosen cartridge 77, 99 euros Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black vinyl record by 22, 99 euros Retro gifts Shaving set consisting of shaving brush and razor in stainless steel with Gillete Mach3 blades by Acca Kappa by 199 euros. Razor, also retro with closed comb from the Mühle brand by 35, 99 euros A complete toiletry bag set. It includes a hairbrush made of beech wood with spikes specially designed to detangle the hair and avoid damaging its structure, a comb that is used for both straight and curly hair, the acetate toothbrush, the strong mint flavor toothpaste ( the kind of things that one does not expect to find in Zara Home) (suitable for vegans) and a toiletry bag so you can take it anywhere for 77, 46 euros Vintage agenda to release the 2022 in the most retro way, with a daily view, one day per page 11, 99 euros A stationery set that includes a black palomino pencil, some steel scissors in collaboration with “TOOLS TO LIVEBY” a notebook and a storage box per 40, 96 euros Similar in Decoesfera | Zara Home returns with an unexpected collection dedicated to photography and attention because it includes good gift options Ideal decorative gifts for the bedroom of the smallest of the house