Perm This is how the 2020 curly hair trend works

Perm! This is how the 2020 curly hair trend works

80s hairstyles are back! And with them the perm. All information about the new hair trend 2020 – 2021.

Curls sound tempting to you? But you have rather straight hair? With the good, old perm, curly volume manes can be conjured up from almost any hair. You just need the right know-how – and a competent hairdresser.

What is a perm?     

“A perm is a reinforcement of your own wave,” explains hairdresser Lorenzo from the Pauli salon in Munich. “A new structure is brought into the hair with chemical agents and the volume is increased at the same time.” The professional speaks of the so-called opening of bridges in the hair: “Depending on the type of hair, the structures of the hair are opened with an alkaline or acidic permanent wave liquid and brought into a new shape. Once the shape is achieved by curlers, the new curls become permanent with a chemical agent fixed and stabilized. ” Depending on your wishes, you can choose curls of different sizes: Small curlers are best suited for the typical curling curls in the 80s style.

Who is a perm for? 

“In general, the hair should definitely be healthy,” explains Lorenzo. “Otherwise, a perm is suitable for both natural and colored hair – there should only be two weeks between coloring and curling.” However, caution is advised with heavily bleached hair, as it is already heavily used due to the color withdrawal process.

In terms of hair structure, you can make a perm on both straight and wavy hair – even frizzy and heavily curly hair can benefit because the result looks more orderly afterwards. “Regarding the length, the following applies: From a length of ten centimeters you can work well with the curlers. However, if the hair is too long, only soft waves are possible, otherwise the hair will be too heavy and the curls will unhook.”

How exactly does a perm work?       

Step 1:  First, the hair is washed thoroughly …

How exactly does a perm work

Step 2: … and cut. In this case, the bleached tips also come off, as they are very dry and would otherwise be overused by the wave.

and cut. In this case

Step 3: Then Lorenzo wraps the hair on small curlers – for the 80s hairstyle look.

Stepstep hair style 3

Step 4: The face is shielded and protected with cotton wool.


Step 5: Now the perm fluid is used. It is distributed evenly on the wrapped strands.

Step 6

Step 6: the perm fluid has to work for about 20 minutes…

Step 7 Hairstyle

Step 7: … and is then rinsed off.

Step8 Hair

Step 8:  The new curls are then fixed.


Step 9: after unwinding …

Step 10

Step 10:  … the curls are washed again.


Step 11: Care products are very important for perms: Lorenzo therefore works in a moisturizing curling cream.

Step 12 hair

Step 12: A diffuser is used for the styling.

step 35

Perm: Before After 

Our colleague Darja compared before and after.

She opted for a perm with small curls.

Perm Before and after

How long does a perm last? 

“A well-made perm lasts about three to five months,” explains stylist Lorenzo. “Then theoretically you have to wave your hair again to keep the look neat.” And if you don’t want a new wave? “Then it’s like dyeing hair: the perm grows out with a smoother approach.” However, there is a salvation for women with completely straight hair: “If the customer previously had very straight hair, you can undo the wave with a straight hair.”

How do I care for my hair after the perm? 

“Very important: leave your hair alone for a few days – that means you shouldn’t wash it for at least three days.” Otherwise: naturalness! “The practical thing about perms is that they can be styled very easily. They look wonderfully air-dried or blow-dried with the diffuser.” Even after washing, you don’t have to pay much attention after the first week: “The only thing that is important is that a lot of moisture is added to the hair – so always use a conditioner. Lorenzo’s tips: Moisturizing leave-in products go best with freshly waved hair. And: If the hair does not sit so well for a day, you can also help with a few curls with a curling iron.

How much does a perm cost and where can you get it done? 

Depending on the length of your hair, a perm for women costs between 60 and 80 $.