Perfect mixers to prepare recipes for Christmas dinners and meals -!

Feasts at home with the family are the order of the day in December, it is time to get together and prepare tables full of dishes of all kinds. And to get the most out of our culinary skills, it is a great idea to have the right utensils and appliances. Today we focus on a small appliance that is very useful for preparing our sauces, creams and even desserts : the mixers . Starting with the lifelong ones, the handheld ones and ending with some of the most interesting glass-shaped ones, all of them for sale on Amazon: AMAZON GO We visit the store of the FUTURE The most sold The favorite of Amazon is manufactured in Spain and is none other than this Cecotec -one of the most demanded brands in small appliances at the national- model Power TitanBlack 1200 XL PerfectCream & Crush. A mixer with high power (1200 W) and four titanium blades that promise to achieve fine and homogeneous mixtures. It includes a whole selection of interchangeable accessories capable of blending, chopping and grinding all kinds of food. We found it reduced on Amazon -where it has an average score of 4.1 stars among more than 11. 200 Buyers- by 49, 90 30, 119 euros. Cecotec Power TitanBlack hand blender PerfectCream & Crush. splash guard, Includes mincer with blade, mixing rods and food mill Recommended by Amazon From the hand of Moulinex we have this Quickchef, a hand mixer with 1000 W power, 10 adjustable speeds (including turbo function), accessories for chopping and mounting, a measuring cup and an elegant steel design. Its Powelix technology promises a performance 30% higher than the competition. We found it on Amazon -where it has the label of recommendation of the house and an average score of 4.4 stars between almost 7000 Buyers- by 59, 99 41, 48 euros. Moulinex QuickChef DD 655 D Hand Mixer of 1000 W, with Regulator of Turbo Speed ​​with 2 Chopping and Mounting Accessories and Measuring Cup, Splash Dome, Steel Also highly valued Another interesting option is this Bosch CleverMixx, a simpler mixer, with 600 W of power, an ergonomic handle and stainless steel blades. The accessory included is a metal dome that we can also use as a measuring cup. This is another of the models that have the Amazon’s Choices black label, an average score of 4.6 stars among more than 800 buyers. It is also one of the cheapest options and we find it today reduced by 28, 81 11, 49 euros. Bosch MSM 2610 B CleverMixx Hand mixer, 600 W, color black Glass blenders Moulinex Blend & Go We enter the world of glass blenders, very practical for preparing creams, smoothies or even desserts. In this case we select one of the most sold, the Moulinex Bland & Go with 300 W of power, 1.3 liter jug ​​and a bottle of 750 millimeters 750 ml (in case we want to take our shake to work, for example). The mixer counts with a system of four stainless steel blades and we found it for sale on Amazon (where it has its recommendation label and an average note of 4.4 stars) for only 52, 99 36, 99 euros. Moulinex Blend & Go LM1B1D – Glass Blender 300 W with light and resistant 1.3 L plastic jug, includes bottle of 750 ml transportable, 4-blade system, stainless steel finishes Taurus Supreme Mix Much more powerful and with a more luxurious finish, we have this Taurus Supreme Mix, a blender with 1200 W (more than double than the previous one), stainless steel blades. It has up to five speeds and a turbo function that we can select perfectly thanks to the integrated lighting. Taurus Supreme Mix – Glass Blender, 1200 W and 6-Edge Stainless Steel Blades, Multicolor It has a total capacity of 1, 75 liters and a filter grid, as well as a measuring cup. Being a high-end blender, it is somewhat less economical than the previous one but we find it today reduced by 79 54, 90 euros. Featured products And you dare to take advantage and launch yourself to try new recipes we leave you three products for sale on Amazon that are not only discounted, but will make our lives easier. The favorite oil-free fryer: The Aigostar, one of the best rated in its category, with 1. 500 W power per 64 , 99 euros 59, 119 euros. Aigostar Oil Free Air Fryer Cecotec’s highest rated multifunction kitchen robot : the Mambo 1009, a way to save time (and effort) in the kitchen, which we now find reduced by 399 euros 299 euros. Cecotec Mambo Multifunction Kitchen Robot The 4th generation Echo Dot assistant with 6 months of free Amazon Music: Perfect to help us with our daily routines, from checking the news, listening to music or even guiding us while we prepare the recipes more delicious today by 119, 99 29, 99 euros. Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation) anthracite fabric + Amazon Music Unlimited (6 months FREE with automatic renewal) Shipping and returns Shipping on Amazon is always free that your order reaches the minimum amount of 30 euros or are subscribed to Prime (you can try it free for a month) Some of the links published here are from affiliates. Despite this, none of the articles mentioned have been proposed either by the brands or by the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the team of editors. Directly to the Paladar | Hand mixers: which one is better to buy? Advice and recommendations Directly to the Paladar | Chocolate and honey cupcakes: super sweet Christmas recipe