Pensions 2022, from Quota 102 to the social Ape: the first step of the Reform – RB

Pensions 2022, from Quota 102 to the Social Ape: the first step of the Reform – RB

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Pensions 2022, from Quota 102 to the Social Ape: the first step of the Reform – RB

Pensions 2022, from Quota 102 to the Social Ape: the first step of the Reform – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step , below. Pensions 2022, from Quota 102 to the social Ape: the first step of the Reform – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Pensions 2022, from Quota 102 to the Social Ape: the first step of the Reform – RB

For a real pension reform we still have to wait but, in the meantime, for the 2022 the first step is been traced by the Budget law published in the Official Gazette no. 310 of the 31 December 2021. Three new features that come into effect this year:

extension of the Social Ape for a new year, with the expansion of the audience of beneficiaries and a new categorization of employed workers heavy duty; the extension of the final date of maturity of the personal and social security requirements by Option Woman ; Quote 100 , not extended but, for 2022, flanked by a different form of early retirement called Quote 102, achievable with a minimum age of 64 years and 38 of contributions. The study of Labor Consultants Foundation takes stock of the new measures, in circular letter no. 1 of 2022.

Quote 102

Self-employed and subordinate workers in the public and private sector who, during the 2022, perform 64 years of age and mature at least 38 years of contributory seniority, can request early retirement in Quota 102. Provided that the requisites accrue during the year, access to the pension is also allowed after the 21 December 2022.

The effective date of the early retirement pension in Quota 102 is subject to the postponed system of effect of the so-called “windows”. More precisely, – explains the Foundation Studies of Labor Consultants – for self-employed and subordinate workers in the private sector a three-month window is

i ; consequently, the pension runs:

from the first day of the fourth month following the accrual of the access requirements, if enrolled in compulsory general insurance; from the day immediately following the end of the quarterly window, if registered in an exclusive management of the compulsory general insurance. The pension in Quota 102 cannot be combined with other income from self-employed or subordinate work, even if produced abroad, relating to activities carried out after the start of the treatment and up to the age of retirement. The accumulation of income is allowed only with income from occasional self-employment, received within the threshold of 5 thousand $ gross per year.

The Budget Law 2022 also intervened on the social Ape, or the pension advance for arduous jobs , providing for the possibility of accruing the necessary requirements up to 31 December 2022. The requirements common to the different categories of beneficiaries are the fulfillment of the 63 th year of age and cessation of employment.

The contribution requirements differ, however, based on the category they belong to:

30 years of contributions for the long-term unemployed, for caregivers and invalids since 74 per cent; 36 years for heavy workers; 32 years for construction workers, as indicated in the National Collective Labor Agreement for employees of construction companies and similar, for potters and plant operators for forming ceramic and terracotta articles. Women , moreover, are entitled to a reduction of the contribution requirement equal to one year for each child, up to a maximum of two.

Alle categories of beneficiaries (personnel assisting non self-sufficient people; drivers of trucks and heavy vehicles; drivers of railway convoys and traveling personnel; operators of cranes and mobile machinery for drilling in buildings; tanners of skins and furs; porters and workers in the movement of goods and similar; teachers of the kindergarten and educators of kindergartens; workers in the steel sector of first and second smelters and glass workers employed at high temperatures; seafarers on board and traveling personnel of marine and inland water transport; workers in agriculture, livestock and fishing, as well as fishermen in coastal fishing, in workers, on the high seas, employees or members of cooperatives; workers in the mining industry, construction and maintenance of buildings; hospital nursing and midwifery health professions who work rano on shifts) new ones are added :

artisans, skilled workers and farmers; operators of plants and machines for the extraction and first treatment of minerals and workers of plants for the transformation and hot working of metals; primary and pre-primary school teachers; warehouse workers; skilled professions in health and social services; skilled professions in personal services and beauticians; health technicians. For the whole year 2022 the new professional categories identified by the text will be entitled to leave work at 63 years , provided that you have completed the requirements, benefiting from an allowance of up to 1. 500 $ gross, up to the period of attainment of the ordinary retirement requirements.

Woman Option

The terms of access to the Woman Option have been extended by the Budget Law of 2022, allowing access to the advance to workers who meet the personal and social security requirements by the end of 2021.

The waiting windows of are also confirmed And 18 months.

Such a large advance over the age of the old-age pension (set at 67 years up to 2024) and with respect to the contributions of the early retirement , for women, at 41 years and 10 months of contributions up to 2026) however translates – comments the Fondazione Studi dei Consulenti del Lavoro – into a permanent penalty for the allowance : this is in fact completely recalculated with the contributory method for opting women, regardless of their real seniority in contributing to the 1995.

Needs to it is 35 years of “actual” contributions , that is, excluding the figurative contribution of unemployment (Aspi, Mini-Aspi and Naspi) and non-sickness supplemented by the employer. Access to the Female Option in all sectors may be requested even after 2022, always provided that however, the requirements have accrued by the deadline set at 31. 12. 2021.

Expansion contract

The validity of the expansion contract is also extended for another two years: until 2023 the employers of the sector private individuals admitted must have a company staff of not less than 50 working units, threshold that can be reached both by the single company and calculated as a whole in the hypothesis of stable aggregation of companies with a single production or service purpose.

Social security contributions discount

The maneuver provides for a discount on social security contributions through the cut of 0.8 percentage points of the contributions paid by workers employees with taxable pay up to 31 thousand $ per year.