PENSION REFORM / Intervention to protect the purchasing power of checks

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As reported by the Denaro website, the President of Confimi Industria Campania Luigi Carfora asks the Government for a courageous intervention to defend the purchasing power of workers and pensioners: “Since, in Italy there is no longer the sliding scale that redetermines salaries , pensions and interest rates on and off money, and since all the prices of primary consumer goods have skyrocketed, we ask our government politicians for the same courage they had in supporting Zelenskyy by financing him in the purchase of arms and in the reception of war refugees in Italy, to re-enter the administered price for basic necessities to curb the decimation of the purchasing power of Italian consumers and to reduce the inevitable domino effect to the detriment of entrepreneurial activities and employment in our country “. Carfora recalls that “in Italy, this form of regulation was experimented, in particular, between 1973 and 1974, following the first oil shock”.


We are not in a war economy, but, explains Maurizio Guandalini in an article on, we are close to entering it. “The European Commission has said that the energy shortage is resolved by decreasing the thermostat by a few degrees. 130% more than the cost of gas and electricity bills, moreover, already arrived in our homes, in some cases with increases well above the estimated figures, is putting small and medium-sized enterprises, VAT numbers, families, elderly people on the pavement. low pensions “. Meanwhile, the secretary of the Party of the Communist Refoundation Party of Partinico Federica Fuoco, as reported by, explains that “we want to say enough to a systematic robbery on salaries and pensions that today uses inflation over five percent to download the harmful effects of liberalization and price speculation on workers. We are mobilizing to demand that the government take immediate action against the expensive bills ”.


Domenico Proietti recalls that a date has not yet been set for the next round of discussions between the Government and trade unions on the pension reform and for this reason he asks the executive to resume this discussion quickly “to continue the necessary investigations and to fix before the next Def a thematic and temporal lineup on the intervention points necessary to make our social security system more flexible and fair “. The Confederal Secretary of Uil, interviewed by, also clarifies that “the flexibility we aspire to must in no way be linked to the idea of ​​a contribution recalculation. In Italy, for 10 years, people have retired at 67, while in Europe the average is only now 63, we have to realign the age of access to retirement to what happens in Europe “.


Proietti also highlights that “young people and women remain categories of workers to be protected, for future retirees the issue of guaranteeing them an adequate and dignified pension is central, thinking of a mechanism that integrates the pension into the contributory system and that enhances the training periods , periods of unemployment not covered by other instruments and which for women at the same time takes into account other periods worthy of protection even if not concurrent with a job, such as maternity, family care work and parenthood “. From his point of view, it is also necessary to “strengthen and relaunch supplementary pensions by providing for a new semester of silent consent to encourage accession to pension funds”.

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