PEC for a new firm or company: what to choose – RB

PEC for a new firm or company: what to choose – RB

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PEC for a new firm or company : what to choose – RB

PEC for a new firm or company: what to choose – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. PEC for a new firm or company: what to choose – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

PEC for a new firm or company: what to choose – RB

When you open a new business, a firm or a company, the enthusiasm and desire to carry out your projects often collides with having to carry out all the bureaucratic requirements and the need to equip yourself with essential tools. These include, without a shadow of a doubt, the activation of a Certified Electronic Mail box (PEC) . The services offered on the market are numerous, how do you choose the safest and most suitable one for your personal and professional needs?

PEC: all the elements to be taken into consideration

Certified Electronic Mail is a widely used and widely used tool that allows you to send emails with the legal value of a registered letter with return receipt, with great savings in time and money . As you can imagine, these are two very important resources for those who want to carry out their projects by opening a new sole proprietorship or a company.

The assumption from which to start when approaching the choice of the Certified Electronic Mail service to activate for your business is that there is no perfect one, but it is necessary to identify the one most suitable for individual professional and personal needs. This is why InfoCert, the largest $pean Certification Authority, has created the service PEC Legalmail , structuring it with diversified offers that meet different needs.

Therefore, several elements must be taken into consideration, starting from the space available, therefore the size of the Pec box , which can be more or less large depending on how many emails and attachments you expect to receive over time.

It is also important to evaluate the presence of a security archive , which allows a backup of the messages sent, forwarded and received, of a notification system that allows you to always have under control the arrival of new e-mails and the reception of important communications, and the possibility of use through mobile devices .

PEC Legalmail: advantages for sole proprietorships and companies

All InfoCert PEC Legalmail offers have essential and indispensable elements . They can be used on smartphones and other mobile devices, have an effective notification system, via email and sms and a security archive.

All services have a Strong Authentication system , that is a strong authentication that secures the mailbox through a double password: one decided by the user and an OTP code that arrives directly on the smartphone. Furthermore, through the Pishing Protection , an algorithm carries out a real-time check to identify cyber threats, alerting the user of any risks.

Furthermore, for all users who choose PEC Legalmail, there is the possibility to take advantage of a rapid assistance , thus allowing the rapid resolution of any problems, both through a dedicated call center, and by e-mail and ticket. All these characteristics can already be found in the Bronze service , which at the cost of 25 per year plus VAT offers a 5GB mailbox.

The Silver service , which costs instead 39 $ per year plus VAT, offers an 8GB box, while gold, at a cost of 75 per year plus VAT, offers 15 gb of space. Both offers allow you to identify and view electronic invoices received via PEC and to manage electronic orders attached to a message from NSO directly in the webmail.

PEC Legalmail: safe from cyber risks with Legalmail Security Premium

InfoCert always pays great attention to users who choose PEC Legalmail and that is why it always strives to increase security levels protecting them from cyber risks that would affect not only the daily serenity, but could cause a great risk for companies and companies. For this reason, in synergy with Yoroi, a company that manages Adaptive and Dynamic Integrated Cyber ​​Defense Systems, has created Legalmail Security Premium .

This is an additional protection tool that protects Legalmail customers by intercepting emails containing malware and harmful elements even before they reach the inbox . Thus, it minimizes the possibility of falling victim to cyber scams . An essential service, therefore, to protect your projects and avoid the loss of precious resources for your business.

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