Peace made between Alex and Delia!

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Live Final Big Brother Vip 2021: live commentary 14 March 2022

Also for Delia it has come to see someone she is very close to: Alex Belli, who however will present himself to the finalist in his own way, with a show together with Soleil Sorge on the notes of the song by Ditonellapiaga and Donatella Rettore “Chimica” which is that which united all three competitors. After the ballet, Alex Belli ran to Delia Duran, who can finally hug her again tonight after this experience. She the actress admitted that she forgave her husband’s actions, while Soleil Sorge admitted that this ballet was the definitive end of her relationship with Alex Belli. Lulù Selassié also reached the studio after her elimination, admitting that she was disappointed by the vote because she: “I’ve always been myself”. (Agg. Adriana Lavecchia)

Giucas Casella hypnotizes Adriana Volpe

Giucas Casella after being eliminated from the house of Big Brother Vip reached Alfonso Signorini inside the studio to talk about his experience in reality TV. The illusionist showed off all his skills trying to hypnotize Adriana Volpe.
With the help of Giacomo Urtis and Valeria Marini and Aldo Montano. Sonia Bruganelli, seeing what the illusionist did to her colleague, fled in terror. (Agg. Adriana Lavecchia)

Lulù Selassié eliminated

In connection with Barbara D’Urso for The pupa and the nerd that will start tomorrow on Italia 1 Barbara D’Urso has finally announced the name of the third juror, much talked about in recent days: Soleil Sorge !.
Meanwhile, the time has come for Davide and Lulu to find out who among them will continue the path to victory and who will have to leave the game for good. Among the two nominated contestants who have to leave the house of Big Brother Vip is Lulù Selassié. The news left everyone shocked especially Davide, who incredulously repeated several times: “I don’t believe it” and later confessed to Alfonso Signorini: “I’m happy to have made this choice for my consistency. I’m glad it went like this “. (Agg. Adriana Lavecchia)

Alfonso Signorini: dedicated to those in love with the house

Arriving at their destination, Lulù listened to the sweet dedication of Manuel Bortuzzo who played the song of Ultimo “22 settembre” on the piano, which often also played at home and which over time became the couple’s song. After the performance, Manuel confessed to the girl all his plans on their life outside of Big Brother Vip. Alfonso Signorini also called together the other couples who formed in the house with Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano and Gianmaria Antinolfi and Federica Calemme, to celebrate their love by playing himself a composition by Nino Rota that immortalized the love story between Romeo and Juliet with “The theme of Juliet”. (Agg. Adriana Lavecchia)

Surprise for Davide Silvestri and Lulù

Davide Silvestri has decided to play his Big Brother final to the end and tonight, being able to choose who to face the nomination, he chose Lulù Selassié by choosing to face the challenge with what he himself considers among the favorites of this edition of the reality show. Before addressing the outcome of the televoting, he met mother Pina inside the ship of Love who, after expressing all her love for her, showed Davide another surprise: her father Andrea.
An evening full of surprises for all Big Brother competitors, even for Lulù Selassié who is about to receive a big surprise from Manuel Bortuzzo. (Agg. Adriana Lavecchia)

Barù immune until the vote of three

After the performance of the three sisters, the time has come to find out who will be the winner of the challenge between Giucas Casella and Jessica Selassié to conquer the fifth place in the final. The televoting duel was won by Jessica Selassié who officially becomes the fifth finalist of this edition of the show. Inside the room the contestants of Big Brother Vip will have to face several nominations, the finalist to conquer the pyramid with the gold background was Barù, who thanks to this luck may not face all the nominations until the three-way televoting.
The other four competitors will have to face some flash nominations. Davide Silvestri has chosen to face televoting paired with Lulù, while Jessica Selassié will challenge Delia. (Agg. Adriana Lavecchia)

The Selassié sisters reunited

After six months of Big Brother Vip in order not to leave all viewers bewildered, Alfonso Signorini wanted to announce together with Ilary Blasi what will happen on Canale 5 starting next week: The island of the famous. The presenter began by saying to the host: “Everyone thinks it and nobody says it: Enough! Alfonso from tonight disappear! Let yourself be hypnotized until September! “.
A surprise is also around the corner for the three Selassié sisters who will finally reunite this evening after the elimination of Clarissa. (Agg. Adriana Lavecchia)

Giucas Casella meets his son James

The episode opens immediately with some discussions that took place during the week between Barù and the two sisters Lulù and Jassica Selassié after the competitor, according to them, has deluded the princess. According to Lulu, the two under the hut would have kissed, while Jessica wanted to clarify the situation by saying: “Our lips touched. But there was nothing ”.
Adriana Volpe hoped that Jessica Selassié and Barù after the reality show make an appointment to eat something and talk in peace away from the cameras.
While waiting for the result of the vote, Giucas Casella met his son James who confided to him: “You have gone beyond any kind of expectation. For me you have won and I can’t wait to hug you “tonight the illusionist was finally able to hug his son James who has repeatedly defined a” reason for living “. James Casella: “The love for a father and for the family must never be hidden and I am here for this”. (Agg. Adriana Lavecchia)

Who will be eliminated?

The last episode of Big Brother Vip 2021 begins with the entry of Alfonso Signorini inside the house who greeted all the competitors and thanked them one by one for bringing their experience into the reality show. Back in the studio, the conductor wanted to officially kick off the final by welcoming the two commentators Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli and all the eliminated from the reality show and above all by officially closing the televoting between Giucas Casella and Jessica Selassié. (Agg. Adriana Lavecchia)

Big Brother Vip 2021, previews and live final March 14th

After six long months, today, Monday 14 March, in prime time, Alfonso Signorini leads the highly anticipated final of Big Brother Vip 2021. Also for the last episode of the sixth edition of the reality show, alongside the conductor, there will be commentators Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli with whom she will elect the overall winner at the end of a long evening full of surprises and emotions. The final of the Big Brother Vip 2021 will open with the closing of the televoting between Giucas Casella and Jessica Selassiè. If, in fact, Delia Duran, Lulù Selassiè, Davide Silvestri and Barù the four finalists are already, Giucas and Jessica will find out tonight who will be the fifth finalist.

After the election of the fifth finalist, the final evening will officially begin. From the anticipations, it seems that the mechanism that will lead to the election of the winner will be totally different to that of previous editions. However, there will probably be one-on-one challenges.

The surprises for Jessica Selassiè and Giucas Casella

Big surprises for the finalists of the Big Brother vip 2021, but also musical moments. Soleil Sorge and Alex Belli will be the protagonists of a step by two while Jessica and Lulu will have the opportunity to perform on the notes of Selena Gomez together with her sister Clarissa. For all the competitors who have managed to reach the end of an incredible journey, there will be surprises. For Jessica there will be an opportunity to hug her brother Christian who had already entered the house to surprise her and Lulù last December.

Giucas, instead, he will finally have the opportunity to hug his son James again. While not fond of appearing in front of the cameras, in the last six months, James has made an exception for his father by visiting him at home and also sending him a video message in which he was with his baby Giacomo. But the surprises of the grand final don’t end there.

All the surprises for the finalists of the Big Brother Vip 2021

Of course there will be surprises for the finalists of the Big Brother Vip 2021. Per Delia Duran who was the first competitor to have won the final, in addition to Alex Belli, there will also be the mother of whom she often spoke in the house with the people close to her. Davide Silvestri, instead, he will have the opportunity to hug his parents again after having met, only from a distance, his father a few months ago.

Great surprises for too Lulù Selassiè. The princess who found a great love in the house of Cinecittà, tonight, she will have the opportunity to hug her boyfriend again Manuel Bortuzzo who, it seems, will tell her about many things that have happened in these weeks in which they have been away.